DesignRush Announces The 3 Best Digital Marketing Strategies Of 2019 -- Plus, The Top 25 Digital Marketing Agencies

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Over 75 percent of people think marketing has evolved more over the past 2 years than it has over the past 50 years. DesignRush determined the latest digital marketing strategies proven to grow businesses successfully in 2019.

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"When brands stay ahead of emerging trends, they also stay ahead of their competition and attract consumers." -- DesignRush Founder and Executive Director Gabriel Shaoolian

Studies show that more than three-fourths of people think marketing has evolved more over the past two years than it has throughout the past 50.

These fast changes are thanks in part to an ever-growing move towards digital platforms and emerging technologies that make connecting with consumers easier by the day., a B2B marketplace connecting brands with agencies, uncovered the top digital marketing strategies of 2019. These tactics enable brands to increase brand visibility, improve conversion rates, drive valuable traffic online, and ultimately increase revenue.

The top 3 digital marketing strategies of 2019 are:

1. Artificial Intelligence

Research shows that artificial intelligence will increase profitability by 38 percent by 2035.

But AI is more than robotics and self-driving cares. Artificial intelligence can be incorporated into many digital marketing platforms, such as:

  • Websites.
  • Mobile apps.
  • Digital advertisements.
  • Experiential marketing popups.
  • And more!

For instance, 25 percent of customer service will use chatbot technology by 2020. Plus, nearly 90 percent of digital display ads will be programmed with AI technology by 2020.

2. Influencer Marketing

94 percent of marketers believe influencer marketing is effective. Additionally, influencer marketing delivers 11 times higher ROI than traditional digital marketing tactics.

Although influencer marketing can be integrated into many channels, it is traditionally used – and effective – on social media channels such as:

1. Facebook.
2. Snapchat.
3. Instagram.
4. YouTube.

In fact, user-generated content on social media increases conversions by 4.5 percent.

Brands can use influencer marketing to:

  • Promote products.
  • Improve brand visibility.
  • Generate leads.
  • Increase website traffic.
  • And more!

3. Voice Search

Voice search is slowly catching up to traditional SEO in 2019. In fact, 50 percent of all online queries will be conducted through voice search by 2020.

In addition, 20 percent of mobile Google searches are conducted through voice.

Luckily, many search engine optimization best practices can improve voice search rankings as well.

To increase the likelihood that they will rank highly on voice search queries, brands should:

  • Optimize for long-tail keywords.
  • Write website content in a natural voice.
  • Target location-based searches.
  • And more!

“Brands can rarely rely on the same digital marketing strategies for several years in a row, because the industry changes so swiftly,” says DesignRush Founder and Executive Director Gabriel Shaoolian. “When brands stay ahead of emerging trends, they also stay ahead of their competition and attract consumers.”

DesignRush’s Agency Listing section features the best local and global digital marketing companies. Some of the top digital marketing agencies from around the world include:

1. started in Coimbra in 2012, with only two people. The purpose was to release a specific training software for companies, but they failed. Since then, has learned a lot: they understand the importance of the digital world and the impact it has on companies. became specialists in digital marketing and began placing their experience in the digital world not only with high consumption brands, but with B2B products and launching new startups for more people as well. That’s why we created the brand on October 2016.

Visit online at:

2. AntiSocial Media Solutions

AntiSocial Media Solutions is an innovative digital branding and marketing agency helping companies expand their online presence worldwide. AntiSocial Solutions offers a wide range of services including social media, media buying, photo and video production, branding and design, website development, and consulting. Their diverse team excels in creating an authentic experience that drives collaboration with their clients’ teams. AntiSocial is a storytelling solution with offices across Canada and abroad.

Visit AntiSocial Media Solutions online at:

3. beMarketing

beMarketing is a team of digital innovators who work hand in hand with businesses of all sizes. They enable companies to be branded across all platforms – whether it be by the click of a mouse or the lasting impression a brand leaves on anyone who comes into contact with it. beMarketing was first established in 2008 as a social media marketing company and quickly rose to become a local leader in the social media realm, working with various small businesses and agencies in the area. In 2011, beMarketing began developing and managing websites for businesses as requests began pouring in. They now serve as a full-service marketing agency that can cover all of a brand’s needs – whether it be a logo design, an email blast campaign, or a secure e-commerce site with all the bells and whistles.

Visit beMarketing online at:

4. VSG Marketing

VSG Marketing is a full-service marketing agency that provides creative, technology and fulfillment solutions. For 16 years, they’ve been taking marketing concepts and applying them cleverly through technology, resulting in maximum results and efficiency for their clients.

Visit VSG Marketing online at:

5. Belo + Company

At Belo + Company, interpreting data and delivering actionable business intelligence is in their DNA. Their origins date back to the late ’90s, when they first began earning their reputation for using tactic-agnostic analytics expertise to help brands improve the performance of their marketing efforts. 20 years and millions of data points later, Belo + Company has grown into a full-service digital agency that can call many of those original clients long-term partners. Now, they’re excited at the prospect of introducing new brands to the Belo + Company difference: industry-leading, insight-driven marketing solutions that deliver superior and measurable results for brands.

Visit Belo + Company online at:

6. Blue Magnet Interactive

Blue Magnet Interactive is the hospitality industry’s trusted, award-winning provider of results-driven digital marketing solutions. By leveraging cutting-edge adaptive mobile website design and goal-based campaigns, Blue Magnet targets guests at every stage of their travel-planning cycle. Their custom strategies drive ROI through the integration of SEO, content marketing, social media, paid media, email marketing, reputation management, and more into a holistic digital marketing plan. Proactive marketing, responsive communication, and timely execution are hallmarks of their service, and their commitment to open source tools means our hotel partners always own the digital assets Blue Magnet builds on their behalf. Because Blue Magnet understands that every business faces a unique set of challenges, their custom digital marketing campaigns are designed to focus only on the channels that will yield the greatest return for each hotel partner.

Visit Blue Magnet Interactive online at:

7. Bop Design

Bop Design is a B2B Agency providing web design, content marketing, and branding for B2B companies. B2B client acquisition is not the same as B2C. Brand messaging and content marketing play a much different role in the sales process. Bop Design understands the B2B marketing and sales funnel and the strategies that generate and nurture ideal client leads. They work with B2B firms in a range of industries to develop their brand messaging and positioning, create a compelling website, and leverage content marketing to get thought leadership content in front of ideal prospective clients.

Visit Bop Design online at:

8. Bridges Strategies

Bridges Strategies is a digital marketing agency that specializes in B2B, big-ticket B2C, and tech companies. Their services include inbound marketing, lead generation, web design, conversion rate optimization, custom engagement, and more. All of their services can be rendered in English and Spanish. Bridges Strategies specializes in lead generation for traditional professions; community and entertainment properties; and, organizations in Latin America that sell and market to English-speaking North Americans.

Visit Brides Strategies online at:

9. Digital Operative

Digital Operative is a full-service digital agency specializing in eCommerce. They understand that their customers' customers browse, compare and transact within an omnichannel world and pride themselves in developing growth strategies for emerging brands and refreshing stale customer experiences for lifestyle brands. Their approach to brand strategy brings the customer's voice to the foreground to establish a true understanding of their needs and desires. By understanding this, Digital Operative is able to layer their strategy, experience design, marketing and technology capabilities to deliver solutions that engage, educate and drive some type of transaction.

Visit Digital Operative online at:

10. Direct Allied Agency

Direct Allied Agency is a full service marketing and branding agency based in Oklahoma specializing in website design and SEO, online marketing and advertising, along with business branding and logo design.

Visit Direct Allied Agency online at:

11. Dobies Healthcare Group

Since 1992, healthcare organizations of all types and sizes have called on Dobies Healthcare Group to make their companies healthier. With the strategy-first approach that they bring to every marketing, branding and advertising engagement, Dobies Healthcare Group delivers data-driven insights to change the way healthcare brands position for the future. Working as an extension of their clients’ teams, they ensure an in-depth understanding of business goals, competitive landscape and consumer interests. From there, they uncover new market opportunities, redefine value propositions and create the path to success in today’s transforming industry.

Visit Dobies Healthcare Group online at:

12. E3creative

e3creative is an award-winning digital agency with a global reputation for delivering pioneering websites, mobile apps and intelligent digital marketing strategies. Recognized globally for taking a fully integrated approach, its multidisciplinary team collaborates with influential brands to craft brand stories and campaigns that deliver memorable, immersive experiences and provoke new ways of thinking.

Visit E3creative online at:

13. ePursue

ePursue is an ethical digital marketing agency based in Gandhinagar, India that provides all kind of services related to SEO, SMO, PPC and web development. Their team works under one roof and has the potential to provide customer-centric services to their prestigious clients. They love to provide customized services as per the needs of clients and are ready to make any campaign and project in the right manner.

Visit ePursue online at:

14. Front Burner Marketing

Front Burner Marketing is a digital marketing agency based in the Cleveland, Ohio area, catering to the marketing needs of mid-sized businesses who have little to no marketing support personnel on staff, or are looking for a subject-matter expert to implement something new. They provide marketing services to any organization that needs to have high visibility with their target audience, both online and off. As with any marketing department, it’s Front Burner Marketing’s job to be knowledgeable and be ready to execute using all of the tools available to modern marketers today.

Visit Front Burner Marketing online at:

15. Horton Group

Horton Group is a web agency that specializes in digital marketing, inbound marketing, SEO, web design, eCommerce websites, web development and mobile app development services in Nashville.

Visit Horton Group online at:

16. Inflight Creations

Inflight Creations is a full-service advertising and marketing agency based in Scottsdale, Arizona. Their Emmy award-winning team specializes in Google Adwords, graphic design, video production, SEO and website development. They believe that solid communication is the key to any projects success and have client partners out of Arizona, California, Nevada, Texas, Colorado and New Mexico.

Visit Inflight Creations online at:

17. Living Online

Living Online is one of Australia's premier digital marketing agencies. They are known for taking ordinary digital marketing and turning it into something truly remarkable. They offer the full suite of online marketing services including SEO, Google ads and Bing ads, social media advertising, website design and development, remarketing, email marketing, content marketing, business consulting and strategy, plus so much more. Whatever a brand’s goals are in the online space, they can be guaranteed that Living Online will help them get there with the best possible ROI and ROAS.

Visit Living Online online at:

18. Pacific54

Pacific54 is a full service digital marketing agency headquartered in Wynwood, Miami’s arts and innovation district. Their team of certified marketing professionals focus on ROI positive growth campaigns powered by passion and intelligence.

Visit Pacific54 online at:

19. Perfect Search Media

Perfect Search Media is a full-service digital marketing agency located in Chicago, Illinois. They’re experts in search and social media advertising, SEO, remarketing, display, A/B testing, design, and content—with an emphasis on mobile. Their services encompass what they describe as their 5 (T)s: Technology, Tracking, Testing, Transparency and most importantly, Team. Perfect Search strives to reflect their core values every day. Their team is committed to taking initiative, being passionate, having fun, valuing teamwork and ensuring growth.

Visit Perfect Search Media online at:

20. Positive Communications

Positive Communications helps brands generate more relevant digital and advertising content for their community every day. They investigate, observe, analyze and create. In their 10 years of experience, Positive Communications has dedicated themselves to live under this motto and the results have been great.

Visit Positive Communications online at:

21. Revenue River

Revenue River provides strategy, system design, and industry-leading execution for those in pursuit of the cutting edge. They believe in operating on the razor's edge of digital tactics and technologies. They believe in mastering innovative tactics in real time. They believe investing in the continual improvement of their people is what makes them relevant experts. Revenue River stays in front so brands don't have to.

Visit Revenue River online at:

22. Signal Interactive

Signal Interactive is a digital marketing agency based in Columbus, Ohio, offering a variety of web-based services for brands and businesses in multiple markets and industries. Their diverse team of digital experts specializes in a complete brand marketing partnership, offering responsive web design, search engine optimization, social media marketing, and targeted digital advertising campaigns designed to generate leads, grow revenue, and build a lasting professional brand presence on the web.

Visit Signal Interactive online at:

23. SyncShow

Looking for a partner to help your B2B company grow? As a HubSpot Platinum Partner, SyncShow provides a full suite of inbound services for B2B organizations with an emphasis on transportation, logistics, manufacturing, distribution and professional services industries. From lead generation ideas to content marketing services, they know how to reach the ideal buyer for each client’s exact product or service. They also provide PPC management services, social media monitoring and website development for B2B websites. They are equipped with the latest marketing methodologies that will help brands target the right buyers with the right marketing campaigns at the right time—greatly improving the number and quality of leads a sales team receives.

Visit SyncShow online at:

24. Web Ventures

Founded in 2010, Web Ventures is first and foremost a direct response marketing agency with a strong focus on lead generation. In today’s world, getting profitable results from digital marketing is mostly about getting the right traffic, being able to convert it and simultaneously adding value, engaging, educating and entertaining the client along the way. Web Ventures is specialized in performance marketing, social media marketing and optimizing media channel selection while driving the cost per lead as low as it can possibly go. Whether it’s search, social, display or a fine mixture of all of them via remarketing, they’ve taken the whole process of aligning business goals with digital strategy to a whole new “paranoia-type” level. Their team is comprised of experts with 7+ years of experience in online marketing, social media, website design and development and pay per click campaigns.

Visit Web Ventures online at:

25. Sherpa Marketing Ltd.

Sherpa is a specialist B2B technology marketing agency offering no-nonsense marketing solutions to clients who are looking to grow their revenue and ROI, accelerate sales and engage customers. They cover the full marketing mix, from data management, strategic planning, and ABM to content marketing, SEO and paid traffic. They are specialist purveyors of intelligent, end-to-end marketing that creates demand and makes tech tick. Sherpa Marketing has over 20 years’ experience in creating and managing full end-to-end marketing campaigns for the leading tech companies around the globe, whether this be direct or through channel partners.

Visit Sherpa Marketing Ltd. online at:

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