Chicago Law Firm Coplan & Crane Comments On Article Warning About Danger Of Mixing Driving With Mobile Technology

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Chicago car accident attorney Gregory F. Coplan of Coplan & Crane discusses news report about concerns about possible increase in drivers using smart watches and cellphones while driving.

Even though many of us probably think we’re in control when we’re using these devices while driving, it only takes a second looking at a phone and away from the road to cause a serious or even fatal car accident.

In response to the announcement of the latest new iPhone and Apple watch, Bloomberg News published an article raising concerns about continued increases in distracted driving. Chicago personal injury lawyer Gregory F. Coplan of Coplan & Crane law firm said the report should serve as a reminder about the dangers of using any type of mobile device while driving.

Coplan commented on the Sept. 11, 2014, story about the release of the new Apple internet devices and the dangers of distracted driving. (Bloomberg Businessweek, “Apple's Watch Adds More Distractions, and More Dangers.”)

“It’s unfair to pick on Apple or the iPhone, but the dangers of distracted driving remain real and need to continue to be taken seriously,” said Coplan, a Chicago accident lawyer with more than 20 years’ experience. “As more and more people obtain smart phones, it’s important to be reminded about the dangers of using these devices while driving. Even though many of us probably think we’re in control when we’re using these devices while driving, it only takes a second looking at a phone and away from the road to cause a serious or even fatal car accident. We know because our office has worked with so many innocent victims of these horrific accidents.”

The Bloomberg Businessweek article warning about the dangers of distracted driving focused on the recent announcement by Apple Inc. about its new iPhone 6 and Apple watch. In the article, the author cited several “examples of iPhone-related danger.” Specifically, the Bloomberg Businessweek article cited three examples of people involved in accidents while using their iPhone.

In addition, the Bloomberg article contained the most recent data from U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration about people injured in car crashes involving a distracted driver. An estimated 421,000 people were hurt in accidents involving distracted drivers in 2012, an increase of 9 percent compared to 2011, when 387,000 were injured in accidents caused by distracted drivers, according to the Bloomberg article.

The Bloomberg article also contained other statistics, including an estimate by the Department of Transportation in 2011 that an estimated 660,000 people “were on their phones while driving at any point during the day across the country.” The Bloomberg article noted that when the findings were released by the Department of Transportation, Apple Inc. sold 18 million iPhones per quarter worldwide. In contrast, Apple Inc. has sold 43.3 million iPhones per quarter worldwide so far this year, according to Bloomberg, which cited for its Apple iPhone sales figures. (Statista, “Global Apple iPhone sales from 3rd quarter 2007 to 3rd quarter 2014.)

Texting while driving is against the law in Illinois. Even so, many drivers continue to take unnecessary risks and put pedestrians and other drivers on the road in danger, according to Chicago distracted driving accident lawyer Benjamin A. Crane of Coplan & Crane.

“Drivers need to be reminded that texting while driving or using a cellphone behind the wheel can have deadly consequences,” Crane said. “And even if the driver who caused your accident seemed to be using a cellphone at the time, actually proving that the driver was doing so can sometimes be extremely complicated. That’s why it’s critical you have an experienced attorney on your side who understands the law and has successfully litigated such cases in the past. Our law firm has a strong track record of success and can work with you to help you obtain the money you rightfully deserve.”

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