Seattle Car Accident Lawyer Richard McKinney Comments on Report About Anti-Texting While Driving Device

An ignition interlock system available in Washington State is designed to make practices such as texting while driving difficult and undesirable, according to Richard McKinney, a car accident lawyer in Seattle at the Law Offices of Richard McKinney.

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State law prohibits drivers from texting, but people still continue to do so. This type of technology prevents teenagers from using their phones while driving, which could save their lives and the lives of others.

Seattle, WA (PRWEB) December 14, 2013

Seattle car accident attorney Richard McKinney of the Law Offices of Richard McKinney said a new high-tech device designed to prevent cell phone use while driving could lead to fewer distracted driving accidents and safer roads in Washington State.

McKinney commented on a report in Komo 4 News (“Could this device prevent your teen from texting and driving?” November 8). According to the report, OrigoSafe is an ignition interlock device that requires drivers to place their cell phones in a docking station that’s connected to a vehicle’s ignition and parking brake. The gadget, manufactured by Virginia-based Origo, is currently available in Washington State.

“It’s no secret that using a cell phone while behind the wheel of a moving vehicle is dangerous. It poses a threat to the teenage driver using the phone as well as everyone else sharing the road,” said McKinney, who represents victims of negligence and families who lost loved ones in accidents. “We encourage all drivers to avoid cell phone use. State law prohibits drivers from texting, but people still continue to do so. This type of technology prevents teenagers from using their phones while driving, which could save their lives and the lives of others.”

Komo 4 News reports that the device requires drivers to dock their cell phone before starting their vehicle. If a driver takes his or her cell phone out of the ignition interlock device, the Komo 4 News article states, an alarm will sound. It’s only deactivated when the phone is set back in place.

Furthermore, Komo 4 News reported that if a phone is taken out of the ignition interlock device while a vehicle is in motion, the phone becomes “unauthorized” as a key. The next time the driver tries to start the car, it won’t work. The driver has to call home and receive a one-time code used to start the vehicle, according to the news report.

“It’s possible that a device such as the OrigoSafe device can go a long way to prevent texting and driving accidents in Washington State, and not just among our youngest drivers. It’s possible that the device could catch on with our business community, too, including companies that use delivery vans or tractor-trailer trucks to transport goods,” said McKinney.

McKinney said distracted driving continues to be a significant problem in Washington State, despite efforts to reduce distractions. He said attorneys can help victims injured in accidents and families who lost loved ones because of distracted driving pursue compensation for their losses. McKinney said a lawyer can help send a message that careless behavior will not be tolerated on Washington roads.

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