New Dock Boards Available at A Plus Warehouse

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Red and Blue Pin Dock Boards are now available at A Plus Warehouse. The company is very glad to add new items to the ever growing collection.

dock board

Red Pin Dock Board

Safety is the Number 1 Priority Here. Dock Boards Will Always be the Best Quality.

Dock Boards are a necessity for overall safety of a loading dock. Safety first is one of A Plus Warehouse’s mottos. It is with pleasure that the company adds two new items to the Dock Board line.

    Before getting to these items, customers may have a few questions about A Plus Warehouse dock boards or dock boards in general. For a customer that is unaware of the function of a dock board, the item is used to bridge the gap between the end of a dock and a truck that a customer may be loading or unloading. These items are very important for safety. When using a forklift, a dock board is needed to prevent accidents. All A Plus Warehouse dock boards also have a curb. Curbs add additional safety. In 1997 alone, 100 lives in the US were lost due to forklift accidents due to lack of curbs. If dealing with an uncurbed dock plate, lift trucks can easily veer. The few hundred dollars a customer spends on a good quality dock plate can end up saving a life. For added safety, A Plus Warehouse also strongly suggests using wheel chocks. Many times accidents happen when a trucker pulls away from a dock believing that the job is done but there is still a forklift operator in the truck. This problem is fixable with wheel chocks. When a truck’s wheels are chocked, it is unable to move. In turn, accidents are prevented.

    As for the new products, A Plus Warehouse now offers Red Pin Dock Board and Blue Pink Dock Board. Red Pin is the safest dock board that the company has to offer. An interesting feature of this product is the 4 steel pins that lock the board between the truck and dock. This is the ultimate setup to prevent any slippage. Blue pin is also a safe item. All items sold at A Plus Warehouse are guaranteed to meet or exceed safety standards. As president Ed Stairman says, “Safety is the number 1 priority here. Dock boards will always be the best quality.” The benefit of blue pin is that it is less expensive than red pin. Blue pin allows positive spread, meaning these products' pins attach to the truck. Having it pinned drastically reduces the chances of slippage. Again, red pin is for ultimate safety but blue pin is less expensive. A Plus Warehouse likes both of these products but suggest red pin for ultimate safety. A Plus Warehouse hopes customers consider ordering truck dock boards today.

    A Plus Warehouse is the operator of and distributes materials handling and storage equipment nationwide and throughout Canada. The sales staff at A Plus Warehouse is available at 800-209-8798. A Plus Warehouse has been in constant operation since 1996.

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