Docusearch Announces Options: Paid vs Unpaid License Plate Lookups.

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Within the license plate lookup investigative industry, there lies two very different kinds of agencies: paid and unpaid. Docusearch, an investigating agency leading the industry, is now proud to announce that it is straddling these two polar opposites, by introducing a directory of competitors offering free services.

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We actually get this question a lot. People think we're a little crazy to show them what our competitors are offering, but we're thinking, 'If that's crazy, then is it the company that's wrong or the industry standards?

Docusearch, a Forbes Favorite company, is now proud to offer their customers an in-depth directory detailing competitors offering unpaid services. While the idea of such a move may come across as strange or counterproductive, the company assures that the directory is designed solely to help the customer. Moreover, by helping the customer see what other options are available, Docusearch claims the customer will be more inclined to trust the company. Transparency promotes trust.

While many companies care more about making money than giving their customers a full plate of information, Docusearch disagrees with this all-too-common thought process. After all, Docusearch specializes in revealing information to individuals who can benefit from such data. Introducing this phenomenon within their business infrastructure only helps to empower customers within the industry and allow them to make the best decisions possible. And with so many people requesting a license plate lookup service, there's a whole lot of people to be empowered.

To get an inside glimpse at the company's thought process, we spoke to a Docusearch license plate lookup specialist:

“We actually get this question a lot. People think we're a little crazy to show them what our competitors are offering, but we're thinking, 'If that's crazy, then is it the company that's wrong or the industry standards?' And we believe it's the standards. Customers should know as much as possible before making a final buying decision, and that's exactly what this directory hopes to achieve: giving the consumer some support. It's our job to break down barriers, and we're doing it right here, in our own company.”

Docusearch created the directory specifically for their license plate lookup service because of its popularity. According to the company, customers are constantly searching them out for this exact service, so by introducing a free directory, the company hopes to have a huge impact on numerous consumers. As to whether the company will introduce more directories for other services, there is no official statement.

The directory itself is an interesting system, though, as no other company provides such a service. Within the directory is a list of companies that a consumer can use to acquire free investigative services. However, these services are unpaid due to their nature: the investigative research is often conducted using an algorithm, which takes a small amount of inputted information to search for any matching data. This means the information could be 1) inaccurate, 2) out of date, or 3) irrelevant – adjectives no one wants attached to their investigative results.

“It's not always inaccurate, though,” says the aforementioned Docusearch license plate lookup specialist. “Sometimes it works for people. Sometimes a customer only needs enough information to get a general idea of the results. It really is a customer-to-customer situation, and we believe having more options helps to cater to more individuals. It's that simple.”

For individuals interested in learning more about Docusearch, their new directory, or their license plate lookup services, please go to They are more than happy to help customers find the accurate information needed to alleviate any issues.

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