Dr. Alexandra Chaux, DPT, Offers a Breakthrough 'Shrink Waist and Stomach Challenge' for Women, Featuring the Hypopressive Method Used by European Models.

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The Shrink Waist and Stomach Challenge is the newest program developed by Doctor Alexandra Chaux, Doctor of Physical Therapy, Yoga Instructor, and Abdominal Hypopressive Expert. She teaches her clients to shape the abdomen from the inside out, with the Hypopressive Method. Also included are healthy tips to lose belly fat, flatten midsection, trim, and tone the core with amazing results.

Image of Dr. Alexandra Chaux, DPT, Showing Flat Tummy in a Bikini

Dr. Alexandra Chaux, DPT, Hypopressive Method

As a Dr. of Physical Therapy and Hypopressive Expert, one of my passions is women's core and pelvic floor health

Dr. Chaux’s Shrink Waist and Stomach Challenge teaches the client to sculpt the core, burn belly fat, and naturally train the body to maintain an amazing corset-like posture at all times.

"As a Dr. of Physical Therapy and Hypopressive Expert, one of my passions is women's core and pelvic floor health," said Dr. Alexandra Chaux. "I see many patients and clients with issues due to the pressure that builds up in our core and pelvic floors. The issues range from bloating, urinary incontinence, reduced libido and sexual health, organ prolapse, Diastasis Recti after child birth and more. My goal is to help women with these issues and have them create a healthier, trimmer and fitter tummy," adds Dr. Chaux.

Dr. Alexandra Chaux is Certified in the Hypopressive Method, by the founding Medical doctor of the method. This Method utilizes advanced breathing exercises and releasing the diaphragm for a fitter and healthier body.

Completing the Challenge strengthens the abdominal wall in a healthy way by targeting deeper muscles to restore the whole core and improve posture awareness. This method aims to improve women's Pelvic Floor Health.

This challenge doesn’t use traditional sit-ups. Traditional sit-ups contribute to a forward head posture, inflexible abdominal muscles, and sometimes, separation of the middle abdominal wall. Traditional sit-ups also cause muscle imbalances predisposing the lower back to more tension, back injuries, and lack of muscle flexibility.

This Challenge does not require the participant to endure long hours of cardiovascular exercise. Long hours of cardio work trigger the body to release more of the stress hormone Cortisol. Cortisol is a hormone that is released during stressful situations. This hormone produces more belly fat when it is released. This fat is accumulated around the waist and abdominal area.

This explains why is so hard to burn belly fat with long and intensive cardio routines.
The best way to get leaner, sculpt the body, and burn belly fat efficiently is with short cardio routines that keep the cortisone level under normal parameters.
This challenge is the first and only routine of its kind designed to shrink waist and stomach with short routines only three times a week.

Shrink Waist and Stomach Challenge can be performed from the comfort of the client’s home, without the worry of rushing out to the gym, waiting for an available cardio machine, or making it on time for a group class.
This challenge provides the foundation for a lifetime with a small waist, flat tummy, great health, and a natural corset-like posture.

About Dr. Alexandra Chaux:

Dr. Chaux is a Doctor of Physical Therapy, (DPT), a Certified Hypopressive Core Fit Expert, and a Certified Ashtanga Yoga Instructor. Her website is: http://www.CoreFitYoga.com. Dr. Chaux works in Malibu as a Physical Therapist and offers personal training in the Hypopressive Method.

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