Dr. C. D. Shelton Discovers Preserving & Recycling Water On Kleyne Talk Radio

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Kleyne & Shelton Agree Dehydration Is Major Disease Catalyst & Water Is the New Oil. “The Air You Breathe Is Invisible Water You Can’t Live Without,” Says Talk Radio’s Sharon Kleyne.

Sharon Kleyne, Founder of Bio Logic Aqua Research

Date aired: June 24th, 2019

Guest: Dr. C. D. Shelton

Dr. C. D. Shelton, Emeritus Professor of Biology and author of dozens of books, including a trilogy of novels about how a civilization’s fate is tied to its water, has been committed all his life to preserving and recycling water. “I spent my early years on a ranch in Texas,” Shelton shared with Sharon Kleyne on her nationally syndicated radio program, The Sharon Kleyne Hour Water Life Science®/Nature’s Pharma®, The Power of Water® & Your Health sponsored by Nature’s Tears® EyeMist® and Nature’s Mist® Face of the Water® on VoiceAmerica, “and I’ve always been fascinated by the idea of water.”

Kleyne, also the founder and director of research at Bio Logic Aqua® Research Water Life Science® in Oregon, shares Shelton’s water commitment and views. “Water is the essential ingredient of life,” Kleyne pronounced. “Without water, civilizations have disappeared. At birth, your body is 90 percent water,” Kleyne continued. “As you grow, your body becomes 70 percent water and if you live to an old age, it gets to 50 percent water.” Yet, Kleyne and Shelton agree that we face a global water crisis in which dehydration triggers disease and water is becoming more valuable than oil. “5,000 children die every day,” said Kleyne, “for lack of clean drinking water and adequate sanitation. We need to do a better job reaching out to children because they are the magic.”

As a young person who was himself fascinated with water, Shelton described how his growth, knowledge and sense of stewardship for the earth were influenced by reading Frank Herbert’s Dune, Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring and Robert Heinlein’s novels. “Though we live on a water world,” said Shelton, “that’s not all roses because only one percent of that water is potable.”

“I would like our earth to last for eternity,” said Kleyne. “What can we do about this water crisis to achieve that?” she asked Shelton.

“Conservation,” Shelton said. “We’re entirely dependent on collecting water and recycling it.” Shelton referenced the joint effort of Canada and the U.S. to clean up a dead Lake Erie, a project that has taken decades and is still going on. “We should hold accountable industries and manufacturers that pollute water,” Shelton continued. “There should be stronger laws and heavy fines applied to polluters. We should also hold politicians accountable.”

”We need to have better education about water,” Kleyne added, “about surface water and water in the atmosphere, which is invisible water. Email me!” Kleyne reminded viewers, “at http://www.sharonkleynehour.com. What are you? You’re water.” “Dehydration,” Kleyne says, “is a major disease catalyst. Earth has water. Everything depends on water.”

If you would like to listen to the talk radio program featuring Dr. C. D. Shelton and Power of Water® advocate Sharon Kleyne as they discuss water, water wars, water research, water recycling, potable water, water and civilizations, dehydration and disease, water education and solutions for our global water crisis, please follow this link: https://www.voiceamerica.com/episode/115834/encore-the-sharon-kleyne-hour

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