Weight Loss Surgery Outcomes Highlight the Safety and Reliability of Weight Loss Surgery, Notes Dr. Feiz & Associates

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Commenting on a recent article, the Los Angeles bariatric surgery clinic Dr. Feiz & Associates explains a new study underlines the reality that bariatric surgery has long been a routine procedure and is now safer and more effective than ever.

The sleeve gastrectomy is quickly becoming one of the most popular types of bariatric srugery.

Dr. Feiz & Associates explains that bariatric procedures such as the gastric sleeve and the Lap Band continue to help many a patient lose large amounts of excess body weight.

An article published April 13th on Web MD cited a study in which 3,600 patients experienced improvement in health issues such as sleep apnea, high blood pressure and diabetes following successful weight loss surgery. These good results were consistently positive across patients, regardless of which surgeon was performing the surgery, though there is some disagreement that the study was not lengthy enough to show the added benefits of using a more skilled and experienced physician. According to Los Angeles based bariatric surgery center, Dr. Feiz & Associates, in any case, these findings are consistent with the very safe and largely routine nature of modern-day bariatric surgery. The bariatric clinic explains that, because bariatric surgery procedures have been commonly used for many years and their outcomes are well understood by the medical community, living with severe obesity is now vastly more dangerous that undergoing a weight loss procedure. In fact, the benefits associated with weight loss surgery are increasingly remarkable, the bariatric clinic notes – adding that it will always make sense to take advantage of the skills of a noted and experienced physician like its own Michael Feiz, M.D., F.A.C.S.

Dr. Feiz & Associates goes on to explain some of the additional health benefits weight loss patients may be able to expect following a successful bariatric procedure bolstered by the presence of an outstanding surgeon:

  • Reduction in joint pain – Osteoarthritis, also known as the wear and tear variety of arthritis is a chronic condition often associated with obesity, Dr. Feiz & Associates explains. Due to the excess weight people with severe obesity bear, added tension is placed on areas such as the knees and hips, which can result in inflammation and pain. Generally, the more weight patients are able to lose, the less strain is placed on these joints. Dr. Feiz & Associates notes that in a recent study of 500 bariatric surgery patients, 90% of them witnessed a resolution in arthritis symptoms.
  • Easing chronic heartburn – While GERD, or gastro esophageal reflux disease, often leads to symptoms of stomach irritation or heartburn, this disease can be more serious than simply an annoyance, Dr. Feiz & Associates explains. Excess body weight can lead to a weakening in a stomach valve, allowing stomach acids to burn the esophageal area, resulting in injury or even esophageal cancer. Fortunately, Dr. Feiz & Associates notes, bariatric surgery can often lead to a reduction in GERD symptoms and even complete resolution of the problem.

Dr. Feiz & Associates explains that bariatric procedures such as the gastric sleeve and the Lap Band continue to help many a patient lose large amounts of excess body weight. For more information about the health benefits bariatric surgery offers, interested readers may call Dr. Feiz & Associates at (310) 855-8058 or visit the clinic’s website at http://www.DrFeiz.com.

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