Detroit Car Accident Attorney Gary Bloom Comments on Voice Systems and Driver Distractions

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The lead attorney at the Law Offices of Gary Bloom weighed in on a news report examining voice recognition systems in vehicles and the impact on safe driving.

The idea behind the technology is to help drivers become more focused, but this study shows there are risks involved with using such high-tech systems.

Detroit personal injury lawyer Gary Bloom of the Law Offices of Gary Bloom said today a report about voice recognition systems should serve as yet another reminder that drivers should strive to avoid all distractions.

Bloom commented on a March 3 report in The Detroit News titled “Study: Voice systems eliminate some distractions.”

“As a personal injury attorney who has worked with accident victims for more than 30 years, I know that drivers face distractions big and small that can increase the risk of causing a serious accident,” Bloom said. “Decades ago, distracted driving accidents were caused by drivers who were switching radio stations, eating or drinking behind the wheel or looking at objects or people on the side of the road, to name a few things. These distractions are still in play today, but now we also have high tech gadgets. I encourage all drivers to focus exclusively on the important task at hand: driving the automobile.”

The Detroit News article stated that a new study by researchers from IIHS and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s AgeLab found that voice recognition systems help keep drivers’ eyes on the road but don’t eliminate visual distraction altogether.

Car makers have installed voice-activated technology to reduce distractions for people who want to use technology while they are driving, according to The Detroit News. An IIHS researcher who was one of the authors of a pair of papers based on the study told the newspaper that the voice-controlled system still created a distraction, even though it is less distracting than using a hand-held device.

Researchers found that none of the voice systems used in the test had eliminated all glances away from the road when a driver was interacting with the technology, according to The Detroit News.

Attorney Bloom said drivers need to understand the risks they take when using a voice-activated system for making a phone call or for using an entertainment system in a vehicle.

“Millions of cars and trucks on the road have these voice-activated systems, and with time, even more cars will be equipped with this technology,” Bloom said. “The idea behind the technology is to help drivers become more focused, but this study shows there are risks involved with using such high-tech systems. Drivers should not fool themselves into thinking that the newest technology in their cars creates a distraction-free experience.”

Bloom said drivers should understand the risks so they can make responsible choices. “An accident can happen in a split-second while a driver is distracted, whether it’s turning on a radio the old-fashioned way or using a voice-activated system,” Bloom said. “Regardless of what the distraction might be, the outcome can be the same. Someone sharing the road could be seriously injured or die. That’s why it’s so important for drivers to make safe choices. Anyone who is injured or who loses a loved one in an accident has a right to seek compensation from the negligent person. An attorney can help fight for justice.”

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