Drought Help For California With New Water Saving Technology From Water Select Will Help Conserve Water

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Drought help for California is on the way in the form of new water saving technology from Water Select. The company is currently engaging California cities, municipalities, water districts, green plumbers, water conservation companies, and even the governor to make sure everyone is aware of the new technology which makes it easy to save water.

Shower Flow Control Valve

Shower Flow Control Valve

Water Select® is working hard to get the word out about its new water conservation technology that is simple and easy to utilize which can provide drought help for California.

Water is a force of nature and when it surges from your showerhead, at 80(+) psi, the flow pelting the body can be quite harsh and hard to control. What if there were a new product on the market that would greatly enhance the shower experience? What if there were a new way to enjoy taking a temperature controlled shower that is infinitely more soothing and more appealing? What if there were a product on the market that would be of infinite assistance in bathing children, pets or the elderly? What if this product also saved money on monthly water, sewer and electricity bills?

Water Select® is honored to answer all those “what if’s” with a definite and positive, “Yes, there is such a product!” Visit http://www.WaterSelect.com to see how Water Select® can offer drought help for California.

The Water Select® valve features a solid brass flow-control showerhead valve, available in a variety of fixture colors, that is easy to install and is designed to interface with virtually any showerhead on the market today. Flow-control is the answer to enhancing the shower experience.

Many times it is preferable, during the course of a shower, to reduce the flow of water from full-on to perhaps even a trickle. Now taking a shower can be modernized with new technology that offers affordable luxury and enhanced pleasure. The gratification continues as the monthly utility bills associated with the showering experience decrease and in a matter of months the return on investment becomes a new budgetary standard.

As the volume and flow of water from the showerhead is decreased, Water Select® allows the temperature to remain constant; all the way from full-flow, down to a trickle and back up. Fluctuations in temperature are not conducive to an enjoyable shower.

The idea for the flow-control showerhead valve, that came to be known as Water Select®, started with the need for a solution to bathing the elderly without drenching the person administering the shower. Water Select® also enables people with reaching impairments to control the flow of water from the showerhead anytime during the shower. This is empowering for many and enables them to shower unassisted. WaterSelect.com showcases a video showing how a young boy, 5-years old, is able to easily turn the water off at the end of his shower using the Water Select® extended handle.

The extended handle works as a reminder that flow-control is now an option to be used and enjoyed. It only takes a week or two to re-educate everyone in the family on the self indulgent benefits and of showerhead flow-control.

Try Water Select® to find out how many times during the course of a shower it is preferable to reduce the flow of water while such tasks as: soaping-up, shaving, brushing teeth, bathing children, bathing the elderly, bathing pets or cleaning the shower are being performed. Each time the water is reduced while performing any one of the above tasks it will help the drought situation in California.

Visit http://www.WaterSelect.com today to see how easy it is to improve everyone’s ability to use the most valuable natural resource on the planet, WATER, more resourcefully during the course of a shower. Water Select® is proud to contribute a new aspect to using utilities more efficiently, while decreasing monthly utility bills.

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