Human Energy System And Trauma Discussed At California Coastal Treatment Center

The effects of trauma from an energy psychology perspective will be presented by Karol Darsa, Psy.D., and Joanne Mednick, LMFT, Psy.D at Avalon Malibu, February 20, 2014. Drs. Darsa and Mednick will offer answers to the question, "What is Energy Psychology?"

Malibu, California (PRWEB) February 20, 2014

Avalon Malibu is a Mental Health and Addiction treatment center located on the Coast in Malibu, California. They are hosting an informative evening with an educational emphasis on trauma and the human energy system. The focus will be to encourage growth and awareness for individuals and families facing the effects of trauma everyday. The Sunset Series will address the consequences of trauma from an energy psychology perspective.

The talk will take place on February 20, 2014 from 6:30-9:00 pm.

Energy psychology addresses the relationship of energy systems to emotion, cognition behavior and health. Dr. Darsa and Dr. Mednick will discuss how trauma affects the energy system, especially how it creates a split between the energy self and the physical self. They will be teaching a grounding technique that is necessary for true healing to occur.

Hors d’oeuvres will be served. RSVP to Beata Lundeen at 310.457. 9111 ext. 102 or email beata(at)avalonmalibu(dot)com.

Avalon Malibu offers a new paradigm in treatment philosophy, by integrating recovery and healing. The ‘Avalon Malibu Sanctuary Model’ provides adults the opportunity for reflection through introspection, education and mindfulness practice. Avalon Malibu integrates mind, body and spirit into a realistic plan for long-term recovery from problems associated with substance use disorders, psychiatric disorders, and the co-occurring psychological problems that often accompany them. Avalon Malibu is a place where respect, safety, compassion, and hospitality are extended to all who seek health and healing.

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