Join Dr. Bob, The Drugless Doctor, for #OptimalU in 2014

On January 1st, Dr. Bob DeMaria, The Drugless Doctor begins #OptimalU, a year-long health restoration campaign, focusing on topics including water, relationships, sleep, and meal planning. In addition, the Drugless Doctor team is partnering with select non-profits and donating a portion of book sales on their behalf.

Cleveland, OH & Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) December 31, 2013

As 2013 comes to a close, fitness sales representatives begin to see $ signs as individuals resolve to get in shape, lose weight, and do whatever it takes to get healthy. Rarely does the motivation last more than one month, and it's back to wishing we looked good in a swimsuit, rather than doing something about the situation.

However, Dr. Bob DeMaria, the Drugless Doctor, is confident 2014 will be different. On January 1st, Dr. Bob will begin #OptimalU, a year-long campaign based on his updated “Guide to Optimal Health”. The book chronicles one health takeaway per day around meal-planning, detoxification, sleep, relationships, and more.

Oftentimes a barrier to becoming “healthy” is a lack of community, which is why #OptimalU will include live events on YouTube with Dr. Bob, frequent Facebook and Instagram updates where Dr. Bob encourages individuals to share their progress and general health questions with the hashtag: #OptimalU.

Lastly, on the #OptimalU section of, Dr. Bob will highlight one non-profit per month and contribute a portion of “Guide to Optimal Health” sales to the respective organization.

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