El Cid Vacations Club Complaints Prevention Team Reveals New Ways to Avoid Scams at the Airport

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El Cid Vacations Club complaints prevention team was started to provide members of this travel club with the very best vacations and that is why they are providing new ways for travelers to avoid common airport scams.

El Cid Vacation Scam Prevention Team

El Cid Vacations Scam Prevention Team

El Cid Vacations Club complaints prevention team was established so that members could turn to them with any questions about traveling to new locations and therefore they know a lot about travel scams. This year, airport scams appear to be on the rise and that is why the team is warning members of common airport scams. Even though airports seem like a very safe place, there are still some ways to get taken advantage of.

The El Cid Vacations Club complaints prevention team has discovered much information by researching common travel scams and since most people travel via airports, it makes sense for issues to arise there. The first thing people need to be conscious of is with exchange rates. Many people use kiosks in airports to exchange money because they appear safer but it is best to use an ATM at the destination instead. That is because the exchange rates in airports do not always offer the best deal.

The El Cid Vacations Club complaints prevention team knows that some people will try and use payphones to avoid paying long distance charges. However, some payphones in foreign airports can be confusing with the different currency and travelers end up paying more than they should in the confusion. A better idea is to just get a disposable cellphone or wait until arriving at the hotel.

The El Cid Vacations Club complaints prevention team understands that this temporary phone can save a lot of hassle and can sometimes even be rented at various kiosks at the airport. It is recommended that travelers read all the rules and regulations and understand them well. Otherwise, they could receive large charges for roaming or some other issue. It might even be a better idea to buy a SIM card that works in the destination country and just use that. That way, there won’t be any sneaky charges.

These are just a few of the issues that the El Cid Vacations Club complaints prevention team has been informed about recently. They strive to give members tips and tricks to improve their overall vacationing experience and avoid any issues.


El Cid Vacations Club Scam Prevention Team Contact Information:
El Cid Contact Information:
El Cid Vacations Club
Phone: 1-866-552-7320
Email: ownersrelations(at)elcid(dot)com(dot)mx
Website: http://www.elcidvacationsclub.com/

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