Are Pre-Existing Health Conditions an Issue When Purchasing Life Insurance?

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Online Insurance Marketplace ( announces new blog “Are Pre-Existing Health Conditions An Issue When Purchasing Life Insurance?”

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Online Insurance Marketplace has released a blog explaining if pre-existing health conditions are an issue when purchasing life insurance.

Pre-existing health conditions are an issue when purchasing life insurance, and therefore, people must we aware of their health status.

Companies are interested to know what problems clients have and if they are under treatment. People must first understand what medical problems they have, if they are minor disorders or if they are chronic or acute diseases.

This difference is very important and has major impact during negotiations. Health is a decisive factor for any company and if clients fail to meet the requirements, the company will refuse them.

The best way to confirm and evaluate the health is a medical exam. Many carriers ask it so, making some x-rays, blood analysis and other exams, is logical and will ease the work of insurance agents. High blood pressure, osteoporosis, arthritis and high levels of cholesterol are common to millions of citizens of US.

Suffering of one or more of these minor disorders will not influence greatly one’s rates. But there are serious diseases and disorders that greatly modify the whole policy. Patients suffering of cancer, HIV, heart problems and some disabilities, have to pay more in order to have a policy issued for them.

One's risk category determines the premiums demanded by the insurer. We do not always understand all terms and authorized help is always needed. Clients must first talk with a medic, in order to assess their medical condition.

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