Elizabeth NJ Alcohol Drug Rehab Announces New Intervention Program for Drug Addicts

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Having a person stop their drug abuse forever can take far more resources than family and friends have available. That's the time to call for professional help. For a free consultation, call 908-838-7437.

Elizabeth NJ Alcohol Drug Rehab is pleased to announce that a new intervention program for adults and adolescents dealing with drug addiction is now available in Elizabeth.

Understanding how much power drugs and their continual use causes family members and loved ones is something that the addict has little time to comprehend. The only thing and sole goal of any drug addict each day is to find another line of cocaine, another baggie of heroin, more marijuana joints, and if his or her friend has additional prescription drugs available at a low cost. It is a vicious cycle that knows no end, unless a person decides to do something about the problem. Yet the individual will not, and the family is no longer able to control the addict and has no place to turn.

A professional interventionist can come right into this type of situation and get to the heart of the matter. These family members are either tired or sad or angry at the drug addict. They have run out of options, outside of calling in local law enforcement and putting their loved one in jail for a day or two. Yet even that strategy can backfire because the loved one can get out and go right back to their using ways. So the interventionist will sit down with the family and hear their struggles. This takes place in their first meeting. A second meeting follows where plans are made to set up the intervention itself. Possibly, a third meeting is held to make sure all of the fine points have been touched upon and a location for the intervention has been selected.

Then the intervention takes place. The drug addict or alcoholic is asked to meet the family either at home or in a neutral spot. Once the addict arrives, he or she sees a room full of loving and caring people along with the interventionist. The addict might understand what is being said or just hear it but not get it. The ultimate goal of an intervention is to have the addict immediately agree that he or she needs help and is willing to go right into residential treatment. Now should this not happen, there are consequences the addict will face. Those are clearly spelled out by the interventionist and will be followed through upon by the family. This is about the addict and his or her life. It is serious business, and a professional interventionist can handle these situations.

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