Profitable Small Business Opportunities for 2014 – Empowered Ezine Author Shares Her Game Plan

A new article from takes a look at some popular small business opportunities and gives some practical advice on putting them into action.

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San Diego, CA (PRWEB) April 12, 2014 is an article directory that gives new and experienced entrepreneurs access to informative articles and sage advice from successful business owners and industry professionals. The website’s motto “Where Knowledge Equals Power” sums up the goal of each article posted for the readers. Empowered Ezine is always coming up with new and exciting ways to provide readers with some of the best business ideas of today. This is reflected in one of their newest articles which presents three great new profitable small business opportunities for 2014 and shares some ideas on how they can be put into practice.

The author of the newly released article says, “Each year it's my goal to earn more than I did in the previous year so that I can easily care for my family, save for my financial goals, give generously and enjoy life to the fullest. To meet this goal, this year I'm going to work on creating some small businesses that require very little investment, but have great potential to increase my income every single day, even while I'm sleeping. Some of the profitable small business ideas 2014 will see me trying out are…”

She then goes on to share three great small business ideas for 2014. These are:

Teaching workshops online
Creating a niche website
And starting a pet grooming service

The Empowered Ezine author says of the first profitable small business, “I'm passionate about eating well, especially incorporating juices into my diet on a regular basis. I've dug deep into the research to find out which fruits and veggies pack the most nutritional punch, and then created amazing combinations that even my kids love. I'm putting together a series of lessons which will be delivered to students via email. To add more value, and offer a more personal touch, I'll hold webinars where students can share ideas and ask questions. When I'm not running live courses, I'll still have a self-study course, with recordings of the webinars, available for people to work through on their own.”

She goes on to explain that after the online teaching workshop is established she will put the second small business idea into effect. By creating a niche website related to her original online workshop, she will be able to promote that first business idea while also gaining revenue from related affiliate products. Lastly the author talks about starting a pet grooming service. She says,

“This third business idea isn't online or related to the other two and it's far more "hands-on" than the others, but I can't spend all day in front of the computer creating and marketing my businesses, so this will get me out of the house, talking with others and let me be around animals. People these days are busy, and gladly pay for convenience, so my idea is to outfit a work van so that I can have a portable pet washing and grooming station that goes directly to the pet owner's door. They don't have to cajole their pets into their car and endure the drive and wait at the groomers, nor will they have mess to clean up when Fido gets loose and runs around the house with suds in his fur.”

For more information on any of these business ideas, and to find out how to start a successful small business in 2014, click here to read the full article on Empowered Ezine.