Top Unique Business Ideas in 2014 – Empowered Ezine Weighs In

Share Article’s new guide to the best offbeat business ideas can offer some great inspiration for those looking for a unique business to start.

A new guide from Empowered Ezine takes a look at a few types of unconventional business ideas that have already had a good amount of success this year. This new guide to the top unique business ideas in 2014 continues to help new and potential business owners and entrepreneurs to make the most informed decisions regarding their businesses. The article continues to offer valuable information that can help lead entrepreneurs down the right path to finding their ideal business opportunity.

Empowered Ezine’s new guide says, “Some people aren’t satisfied with walking the beaten path no matter what area of life it comes to. When starting a business, most people tend to stay with very conventional 'tried-and-tested' business types that are deemed 'safe.' For others, the whole purpose of starting their own business is to challenge themselves, have fun, and do things just a little differently. If you are interested in what some of the top unique business ideas for 2014 are, read on! Now, while not every idea that pops into your head in the wee hours of the morning when you’re trying to sleep, or when you’re contemplating life while taking a shower is going to be a winner, there are some pretty interesting unconventional business ideas that have been successful and may leave a lot of people saying, 'Why didn’t I think of that?'"

The article goes on to mention a few different types of business that are not very common, but have filled some need in a unique way that has enabled them to establish a strong hold on their corner of the business market. The first of these unique business ideas which the article talks about is farm animal rentals. Empowered Ezine says, “There are companies that set up petting zoos for children’s birthday parties, companies that rent out goats to 'mow' landscapes, and businesses that rent out cows, either for their 'calming' affect on people or as a way for families to legally obtain organic un-pasteurized milk.” The article explains a bit more about these types of unique businesses and then goes on to list a similar area of business that has become quite popular – pet rentals.

Empowered Ezine explains, “Some people may find the whole idea of renting out a living creature quite strange (which is why these businesses have ended up on this list) but when you take into account that more and more people are becoming too busy to properly care for a pet at home, but still very much love animals, you can see why these types of unique business ideas have had a good measure of success.” Pet cafés, such as the ones that are popular in Japan, including cat cafés and now even owl cafés, are held up as examples, but there are many other ways this unique business idea can be put into play.

Lastly, the article takes a look at some unique businesses that cater to everyone’s inner child. It says, “They say no one really 'grows-up' – we just age, but that inner child is in there somewhere. And, of course, businesses that take this into account are some of best businesses.” Examples of these types of business are “The Smashing Place”, where stressed out adults can take things out on inanimate plates and cups for a small fee; adult sized playgrounds, which specialize more in really tall swing sets and slides rather than just exercise equipment; and an actual company called “The Hangover Helpers” which caters to those who like to party hard, but could even be useful for those who just like sleeping in.

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