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A new article from Empowered Ezine takes a look at some good businesses to start in 2014. is an online article directory where online marketers, entrepreneurs and business owners can share information and learn from some of the industry’s top professionals. The website’s motto “Where knowledge equals power” sums up the goal of the articles posted on the site. An article recently featured on the website continues to help new entrepreneurs by looking at some of best ideas for new businesses in 2014.

The article starts by saying, “There are a wide variety of ideas for starting your own business in 2014, as the recession that struck the United States over the past five to six years appears to finally be receding. This means that the economy will be in an upswing and now is the perfect time to start a new business, as long as it’s providing products or a service that people want. A few ideas for some businesses that may succeed in the new year of 2014 are listed below.”

The innovative ideas for new businesses for 2014 included in the article are:

  •     Wearable tech store
  •     Electronic car accessories
  •     Marijuana shop

While the first two options would be good regardless of where the new entrepreneur decides to set up shop, the last one might be a bit more location-dependent. Empowered Ezine explains, “Pot was legalized for recreational use in the state of Washington and Colorado in 2012 and the law goes fully into effect in both states in 2014. These states will be testing grounds, so to speak, for this new industry, to see how it effects the people of the state and how much money it makes. If it is a success, then there is no doubt many other states will follow suit and legalize marijuana so they can tax it and make more money for the local governments. In other words, getting in on the ground floor to big marijuana, as many people have taken to calling it, could make you a lot of money in the future.”

The article gives a similar explanation for the other two items listed above. While these business ideas for 2014 will not be right for everyone, they exhibit the wide range of new areas to explore that simply were not options until recently. There are countless other ideas for businesses that new entrepreneurs might want to try, some of which can be found in the other articles posted on Empowered Ezine, and there are also those that are waiting to be brought to life through the minds of innovative entrepreneurs in the coming year. The examples given in the article may simply serve as inspiration and as a starting point for those who are looking for a unique business to start in 2014.

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