Profitable Small Business Ideas 2014 – Empowered Ezine Weighs In

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A new article on takes a look at some of the best small business opportunities for the year ahead. is an online article directory where online marketers, entrepreneurs and business owners can share information and learn from some of the industry’s top professionals. The website’s motto “Where knowledge equals power” sums up the goal of the articles posted on the site. An article recently featured on the website continues to help new entrepreneurs by looking at some of best profitable small business ideas 2014 has in store.

The author of the article starts by explaining, “Each year it's my goal to earn more than I did in the previous year so that I can easily care for my family, save for my financial goals, give generously and enjoy life to the fullest. To meet this goal, this year I'm going to work on creating some small businesses that require very little investment, but have great potential to increase my income every single day, even while I'm sleeping.”

The writer of the Empowered Ezine article then says that some of the profitable small business ideas for 2014 which she will be trying out are: Teaching workshops online, creating a niche website and starting a pet grooming service. First she explains why she would like to start teaching workshops online.

She says, “I'm passionate about eating well, especially incorporating juices into my diet on a regular basis. I've dug deep into the research to find out which fruits and veggies pack the most nutritional punch, and then created amazing combinations that even my kids love. I'm putting together a series of lessons which will be delivered to students via email. To add more value, and offer a more personal touch, I'll hold webinars where students can share ideas and ask questions. When I'm not running live courses, I'll still have a self-study course, with recordings of the webinars, available for people to work through on their own.”

The second business idea, creating a niche website, goes along with the first one, as it is a way to expand on her business in her unique area of expertise – juicing. The article explains that creating a niche website can not only help an entrepreneur promote their particular area of business, but it can also make for a good affiliate marketing opportunity where they can promote products or services related to their business and earn a passive income off of any sales made.

As for the last item on the list, pet grooming, the author explains that this is a great business and in high demand in many locations, and it will also give her the opportunity to get out in the “real world” rather than spending all day at a desk. To finish, the Empowered Ezine writer says, “I'm so excited about jumping into these projects and getting the businesses started! I'm going to start with the first two since they can bring in revenue day and night once they're set up. After I've learned the ins and outs of making them profitable, I'll develop additional information products and niche sites related to other topics I'm interested in.”

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