Susan Wagers, the Breakthrough Strategist, Shares the Entrepreneurs’ Blueprint for Success by Revealing the H.O.W. System for Financial Freedom in 2014

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Business owners seeking financial success in 2014 can receive the Entrepreneur’s Blueprint for Success which includes the H.O.W. System outlining the habits, organizational skills, and winning attitude to succeed in business. Successful entrepreneur Susan Wagers, “America’s Breakthrough Strategist,” is giving interested entrepreneurs access to a complimentary e-book “Stepping Stones to POWER: Your Blueprint to Succeed in Any Business” which includes a detailed account of how systemization achieves prosperity, wealth, and financial freedom.

See how Susan Wagers, America's Breakthrough Strategist, can systematize your business for success.

Susan Wagers, "America's Breaktthrough Strategist," CEO of Susan Wagers International

When given a blueprint for success, any entrepreneur who takes action can achieve prosperity, wealth, and financial freedom. ~ Susan Wagers, America's Breakthrough Strategist

Susan Wagers, the Breakthrough Strategist, reveals the entrepreneurs’ blueprint to success by sharing the top three aspects of business systemization by revealing the H.O.W. system. The H.O.W. system is an acronym describing the foundational aspects that guided entrepreneur Susan Wagers to build a six figure business. She accomplished this financial success not only once but twice despite adversity and challenges. Presently, Wagers is offering her complete guide “Stepping Stones of POWER: Your Blueprint for Success in Any Business” for anyone desiring to break their current financial ceiling. This complimentary e-book is available on Amazon Kindle, January 3, 2014 at the web link,

“The H.O.W. system is the foundation of entrepreneurial success. This system has been successfully adopted by both beginning and advanced entrepreneurs who are achieving success. Additionally, business owners who are facing challenges launching a new business, launching a new product or expanding their services find this system even more helpful as it builds a foundation for them to get started,” shares Susan Wagers, CEO of Susan Wagers International and the Founder of Mountain View Peak Performance Academy.

Wagers has an extensive financial background in private and government securities. As one of the top 3% of financial producers to her leadership role as the Vice President of Institutional Sales where she managed approximately $500 million in assets, she has proven time and time again that she has the knowledge, skills, and analytical prowess to create and apply systems for business success for multiple industries.

H. – Adopt HABITS for Success

Entrepreneurial success comes from the creation or adoption of daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly habits that increase productivity, reduce wasted time or rework, and set business owners up for systemization in other areas. While some of the habits for success can be generalized, such as: early rising, time management, and accurate bookkeeping, other habits need to be created based on the entrepreneurs' industry.

Entrepreneurs following a guideline to develop habits reduces the learning curve for both new and advanced business owners. However, for optimum results, keynote speaker and consultant Susan Wagers suggests the investment in hiring a business strategist to assist in finding and/or developing the habits specific to the industry’s success may be one of the greatest investments a business owner ever makes for their business.

O. – Develop ORGANIZATIONAL Skills for Wealth

Author and business trainer Susan Wagers discovered early on that keeping your files, your office, and your home organized minimizes stress and improves productivity. While organization may seem daunting, the task only appears difficult when an entrepreneur attempts to organization alone. Without guidance from a book or an expert experienced at starting and completing an organizational system, the process can create more challenges as the business owner struggles to create and apply the system without assistance. Therefore, adopting a blueprint for organization success or hiring an organizational strategist eliminates the headache of working alone.

W. Accept a WINNING ATTITUDE for Financial Freedom

Certainly, business challenges and life obstacles can burden your attitude. However, as Wagers discovered desires without ACTION did nothing to boost her mood or attitude for success. Despite a divorce that left her practically bankrupt, a daughter’s fight with leukemia, and her mother’s death, Susan realized that taking action enabled her to accept the winning attitude that allowed her to win despite any troubles or tribulations that crossed her path.

Again, while the H.O.W. system outline is provided here to assist entrepreneurs to create stepping stones out of stumbling blocks, a full detailed guide is provided in Wagers complete blueprint for success at Kindle store via the website

This complimentary e-book promotion to receive a full e-copy of “Stepping Stones of POWER: Your Blueprint to Succeed in Any Business” is only available from midnight to midnight January 3, 2014 in conjunction with the publisher The RED Carpet Connection Publishing, Publicity, and Talent Agency.

Andrea Adams-Miller, CEO of The RED Carpet Publishing, Publicity, and Talent Agency, added, “The privilege to collaborate and support Susan Wagers in sharing her blueprint for success fosters our desire to encourage entrepreneurs to succeed despite current economic downfalls. With the habits, organizational skills, and winning attitude that Wagers outlines for the business owners that take action, the entrepreneurs can foresee a silver lining and breakthrough the financial limitations that have been set for them.”


The RED Carpet Connection Publishing, Publicity, and Talent Agency e-book title "Stepping Stones of POWER: Your Blueprint to Succeed in Any Business" authored by entrepreneur Susan Wagers will be available for complimentary download beginning 12:01 am January 3, 2014 through midnight January 3, 2014 on Kindle at the web link

About Susan Wagers

Susan Wagers, CEO of Susan Wagers International and Founder of Mountain View Peak Performance Academy, also known as “America’s Breakthrough Strategist,” solidifies the blueprint design for entrepreneurs desiring to break the financial ceiling they are experiencing. With her vast professional financial background and two time entrepreneurial success, Wagers shows her clients and audiences the path to financial freedom by following her systematizations and methods for personal and professional success.

As keynote speaker, business consultant, and author, she offers a no BS method to obtain productivity through personal anecdotes and corporate experiences. To obtain additional information and reports on entrepreneurial success, visit

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