Entrepreneurs Organization Orange County (EOOC) Members Showing Huge Growth as Part of Inc 5000 for 2019

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Interviewing entrepreneurs for the New Year ahead

Every aspiring entrepreneur knows how hard it is to grow their business. From the humble beginnings, all the way to a thriving business is a long and often a lonely road.

Fortunately, today’s entrepreneurs are supporting each other as they grow. Founded in 1987, EO is a Global business network of 13,000+ leading entrepreneurs in 181 chapters and 57 countries. Through mentoring, education and local networking, they are helping each other thrive.

The EO Orange County chapter is a group of like-minded business owners and entrepreneurs who support each other towards greater levels of success. As part of it’s continuing success, EO Orange County is proud to have nine members of our organization make the Inc 5000 list for 2018.

Earning a place on this list is no small feat. The Inc. 5000 is ranked according to percentage revenue growth from 2014 to 2017. Collectively, the entire Inc 5000 list was responsible for over $200 Billion in revenue in 2017.

Here is the complete list of EOOC members who are Inc. 5000 award recipients:

  • The Pizza Press - Dara Maleki - Ranked # 781
  • CEO Coaching International - Mark Moses - Ranked # 1910
  • Gorilla Stationers - Rosemary Czopek - Ranked # 2124
  • StaffRehab - Sarah Palmer - Ranked # 2221
  • APEX PROaupair - Susan Asay - Ranked #2392
  • Orange Aluminum - Cameron Munson - Ranked #2834
  • Optimum Employer Solutions - Kevin Gramian - Ranked #3056
  • OC Facial Care Center - Kate Hancock - Ranked # 4107
  • Superior Restoration - Skylar Lewis - Ranked #4968

In celebration of their placing on the prestigious list, EOOC has interviewed the winners and asked them for their best lessons, advice, and ambitions for 2019.

What changes did you make in your company to see the growth you experienced?

Sarah Palmer // StaffRehab: “We made the decision to look at where we wanted the business to be in 5 years and started building out the infrastructure this past year. The investment paid off ahead of schedule, and we're still growing into the bandwidth we've created.”

Rosemary Czopek // Gorilla Stationer: “We hired a CEO coach, which really helped us with our growth. This dramatically improved our strategy and overall processes and procedures. We are now much more efficient and able to run smoother as we grow.”

Kate Hancock // OC Facial Care Center: “One of the biggest ways for me to see consistent growth has been hiring the right key employees who allow me to step back and run the business vision and direction from a macro level. Once I did this, each division ran smoothly on its own so I could launch another part of the business and continue with this same model until I have 4-5 separate revenue streams.”

Mark Moses // CEO Coaching International: “Continued to add world-class talent to our roster of coaches.”
Cameron Munson // Orange Aluminum: “Invested in people, and systems/platforms that created efficiencies in our core competencies.”

What are you looking forward to in 2019 with your business?

Kate Hancock // OC Facial Care Center: “My passion has been in the building of a resort in the Philippines. I am very excited to continue launching here and growing this into the most sought-after resort. Also, I am looking to expand the spa into more cities and move toward a national brand.”

Sarah Palmer // Company: StaffRehab: “Exploring new areas of opportunity with clients.”

Cameron Munson // Orange Aluminum: “Developing new sales channels and increasing our market stability.”

Mark Moses // CEO Coaching International: “Maintaining the average revenue growth rate of our clients at above 40%. Helping three more of our clients sell their businesses for over $100 million.”

Rosemary Czopek // Gorilla Stationer: “We are looking at additional acquisitions for the company. Our strategy is focused on improving top-line growth.”

What is one piece of wisdom you would give to someone who wants to grow their business?

Rosemary Czopek // Gorilla Stationer: “Persistence! Keep trying things, keep moving the needle forward, and don’t give up. Also, keep a support network close. EO has been an amazing support to help me on my journey as an entrepreneur.”

Cameron Munson // Orange Aluminum: “I have found in our journey, that tenacity and humility have been the driving forces to our success. Our team could not have achieved our growth without the humble admission of needing help and guidance, balanced with the unwavering ownership of our vision and relentless pursuit of our goals.”

Sarah Palmer // Company: StaffRehab: “Delegate as much as you can, and get comfortable with the thought that the person you hire to do something may only be able to do it 75% as well as you do. So long as you're creating processes that you can monitor and have visibility to. Delegating has been one of our keys to growth”.

Mark Moses // CEO Coaching International: “The people and the processes that got you where you are today are not the people and the processes that will take you where you want to go. The sooner you realize this reality, the greater results you will achieve and the happier you will be.”

Kate Hancock // OC Facial Care Center: “Figure out how you can grow while keeping as much ownership as you can. I have never taken a dime from anyone else but when I knew when more capital was needed I searched for the right bank to partner with and get some loans. Do this early and hold onto your cash especially with low rates. The last piece ties into the first question. I truly believe I would not have grown if I was stuck in the day-to-day function. In order to grow you need to hire the right people who can manage your business while you manage it like a true CEO.”

Feeling inspired for 2019? Remember to get involved in your local EOOC chapter as often as you can to rub shoulders with these Inc 5000 recipients. Everyone is here to support one another as we grow our businesses together.

Thank you to all our EOOC Inc 5000 recipients who took the time to be interviewed and share their wisdom.

If you are an Orange County entrepreneur who is interested in becoming a member of the thriving EOOC community in 2019, then please visit our website or contact us via membership@eooc.org

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