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Following an August 15th article titled, “Mountain View Moves toward Styrofoam Food Container Ban,” Jonas Insurance Advisors announced their support of styrofoam alternatives, and their positive impact on the environment.

In the wake of a article entitled “Mountain View Moves toward Styrofoam Food Container Ban” and written on August 15th, Jonas Insurance Advisors revealed its support of finding alternatives to styrofoam food and beverage containers, including cups, plates, and even styrofoam ice chests. The article discussed another city engaging in the trend of banning styrofoam and plastic use in business situations, and its effects on the city’s economy and environment.

In the aforementioned article, Claudia Cruz discussed the city of Mountain View’s decision to ban styrofoam food containers, in an effort to minimize pollution and waste flowing into the city’s creeks and, consequently, San Francisco Bay. The ban affects all food vendors, including restaurants, fast food chains, and even booths set up at local fairs and festivals. The city provided an open house, offering food vendors several routes to take in finding alternative food containers. Though styrofoam reacts poorly with the local ecosystem, its production comes at a low cost, providing an inexpensive means of food storage, making it difficult for some businesses to dole out the extra funds required to replace styrofoam with biodegradable food containers. Mountain View leaders acknowledged the likelihood of food service locations increasing food prices to make up for the cost of more expensive food containers, citing environmental health as a greater concern than a small change in the city’s food prices.

Jonas Insurance Advisors supports Mountain View’s decision to move ahead with the banning of styrofoam food containers, offering readers an at-home alternative to styrofoam containers, such as styrofoam coffee cups, styrofoam picnic plates, and styrofoam ice chests. Ecovative Design, for instance, offers alternatives to styrofoam containers, using natural products found in food waste to create food and beverage containers, home insulation, and vehicular construction. Using these resources will decrease the amount of items unable to biodegrade in landfills, instead providing containers that will break down after use and provide nutrients for the soil in which it is laid. These alternatives will cut down on other plastic waste as well; biodegradable containers may be placed in a compose pile, which may result in fewer garbage bags being used and thrown into landfills. Using alternatives to styrofoam is helpful not only to the local ecology, but the global ecological system, as change is generally led by example.

Claudia Cruz is a writer for the Mountain View Patch, Mountain View’s local newspaper. Cruz began her career as a staff writer for a New York City newspaper, The Queens Courier. She was recruited to launch, edit and compose the paper at its startup, as she possessed both substantial writing credits, and boasted both a Master’s degree in journalism with an emphasis on business and economics, as well as a law degree. She hopes to work in the realm of business reporting in the Mountain View area, and beyond.

Following the news that Mountain View, a city near San Francisco in California, intends to enforce a ban on styrofoam food containers, announced its support of replacing traditional styrofoam containers with biodegradable substitutes in order to preserve a healthy local ecosystem.

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