Metabolic Nutrition's ProtiZyme is New Protein Supplement Favorite among Fitness Enthusiast Customers of Everyday Vitamin

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ProtiZyme is leading protein nutrition supplement at Everyday Vitamin. All interested customers will now receive complimentary shipping on the two pound serving size of ProtiZyme supplement at Everyday Vitamin.

Metabolic Nutrition's ProtiZyme available at

ProtiZyme is not just any protein supplement. Not only does it function as a complete protein aiding bodybuilders with muscle recovery and physical stamina, it also increases protein absorption and nutrient utilization, aids in weight loss, boosts the immune system and stimulates muscle production. ProtiZyme is beneficial for all those on a low-carbohydrate, low fat, low-glycemic (sugar), reduced calorie, and gluten-free diet, especially for those looking to increase lean muscle mass, enhance their physicality, and increase health and wellness.

Metabolic Nutrition has created the ultimate protein powder for sports nutritionists and fitness enthusiasts. Protizyme contains 18 essential and non-essential amino acids, delivering very high concentrations (1,000 – 3000mg) of Alanine (1219mg), Aspartic Acid (2,688mg), Glutamine (4,281mg), Leucine (2,750mg), Proline (1,438mg), Threonine (1,813mg), Isoleucine (1,438mg), Lysine (2,406mg), Serine (1,188mg) and Valine (1,438mg). Metabolic Nutrition credits these higher concentrations to its “ultra-microfiltered” process that preserves the essential protein-peptide (short amino acid chains linked by amide bonds), thereby providing greater concentrations of amino acids, glutamine and branched chain amino acids (BCAAs), without causing common feelings of bloating and upset stomach.

Providing more nutrition than other protein powder supplements, ProtiZyme also contains 24 vitamins and minerals, as well as eight pharmaceutical-grade digestive enzymes including: amylase, protease, cellulase, galactohydrolase lactase, lipase, betaine, pepsin and papain which help to aid digestion and speed absorption and utilization of proteins.

Finally, ProtiZyme contains a proprietary whey protein isolate and concentrate which comprises of cow-derived whey proteins: Beta-lactoglobulin (55-65%), alpha-lactalalbumin (18-25%); and bioactive immunoglobins to improve immune functions: Immunoglobulin (9-12%), bovine serum albumin (6-10%), and lactoferrin (1-1.5%).

Customers interested in purchasing ProtiZyme will receive the two pound serving size at $44.49 with complimentary shipping. Customers will be taking advantage of the lowest prices on the market (lower than Vitamin Shoppe, Vitacost or Swanson Vitamins, all offering it for $44.99.)

Everyday Vitamin offers two of the most popular flavors: Metabolic Nutrition - ProtiZyme Specialized Designed Protein Vanilla Cake and Metabolic Nutrition - ProtiZyme Chocolate Cake.

Metabolic Nutrition’s ProtiZyme products can be purchased online at, by phone at 1-800-709-6280, or from the store location at 8610 25th Ave Brooklyn, NY 11214.

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