Dr. Lester Sawicki Recommends New Book "Intended Evolution: How Selection of Intelligence Guides Life Forward" to Tai Chi, Qigong, and Health and Fitness Enthusiasts

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Dr. Lester Sawicki recommends new book, "Intended Evolution: How Selection of Intelligence Guides Life Forward" by Dongxun and Bob Zhang to all tai chi, qigong and health and fitness enthusiasts. It is now required reading for all his students because it mentally prepares them for his unique and daring dental tai chi chuan teeth training system.

Intended Evolution and Teeth In Mortal Combat. What you haven't heard could change it all.

Dental Tai Chi Teeth Program

A new theory of evolution. A better way to study tai chi.

Dr. Lester Sawicki, an Austin, Texas dentist and tai chi teacher, was not too surprised when in the year 2010 he published his book, "Teeth In Mortal Combat: How To Unleash Your Basic Instinct For Survival", to find that the martial arts world was less than enthusiastic in reading it or signing up for his unique dental tai chi teeth training program.

Today, Sawicki is seeing stiff attitudes of the past starting to bend with the recent arrival of a breakthrough new theory of evolution - intended evolution - by Dr. Dongxun Zhang L.Ac. PhD. DAOM Diplomate in Oriental Medicine [NCCAOM] Tai Chi Qigong Master. Although intended evolution is far from teeth-shattering proven, it has enough bite to turn heads and restore interest in Sawicki's unconventional dental martial arts tai chi qi gong health and fitness program.

Dr. Sawicki expects to see the internal energy martial arts community start centering itself behind Zhang's intended evolution theory. Their understanding of and experience with chi energy will welcome a theory of evolution that suggests selection of intelligence guides life forward. The theory lends strong support for the usefulness of tapping into basic instincts for survival of the species, an idea that is in line with all the internal chi energy martial arts.

From Sawicki's personal teaching experience, reading the book can help students slowly warm up to his unique and daring dental internal martial arts system which involves imagining oneself, during practice, in mortal combat where man's most basic drives for continuing to exist cry out.

Dongxun Zhang's new theory of the process of evolution is, in some niche taichi circles, being acclaimed as the "tao of intended evolution." The theory was recently put forward in the book, "Intended Evolution: How Selection of Intelligence Guides Life Forward", by Dongxun and Bob Zhang, and suggests that "life is not only selected by nature but intentionally interacts with it, learning how to better its future." The authors explain that applying this idea to generally accepted principles of biology, evolution, and other diverse fields of knowledge can have "startling results in your ability to affect your own health - and even your evolution."

Dr. Sawicki maintains that vague references to an idea of a theory of intended evolution had always been cleverly hidden deep within the pages of ancient texts such as the Tao Te Ching, Tai Chi Classics, and other works of Indian and Greek philosophy but never before, until now by Dr. Zhang, has a simple decoded framework of its processes been manifested, distilled, and updated using current scientific principles that are stated as simply as possible into an easy to read and understand book.

Sawicki believes that everyone can greatly benefit their health and fitness by reading Intended Evolution and applying its principles into their daily workout routine. Dongxun teaches how to exercise the theory in his Intended Evolution Fitness class.

Dr. Sawicki now requires all his students read "Intended Evolution" so that they can learn how "internal intelligence" fits into the "information cycle" and of the critical role that the DNA "knowledge library" has in the process of evolution. He hopes that by reading the book they can recognize the significance of getting in touch with their own internal "tai chi library" to advance their skills in taichi and qi gong.

"Intended Evolution" is a fascinating book that brings an updated perspective to Darwin's theory of Natural Selection. It presents a basic framework describing the "why" of evolution. One of its more interesting chapters discusses the idea of an organism's "internal intelligence" and how a person can program it to enhance their health, fitness, tai chi, qigong, and even one's own evolution. Dr. Sawicki hopes everyone will take a long studied look into this significant work on Dr. Dongxun Zhang's new theory of the processes of evolution that could change everything in the way to not only survive, but also thrive.

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