Examine.com Stack Guides: Review Examines Independent Reviews of Key Nutritional Supplements

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Shane Michaels releases a review of Examine.com Stack Guides, individual and comprehensive reviews of the leading nutritional supplements on the market.

Examine.com Stacks Guide Review

Examine.com Stacks Guide Review

Examine.com Stack Guides, a compilation of independent and unbiased reviews of leading supplements on the market and how they can affect 15 of the most common health and wellness issues has caught the attention of Shane Michaels, prompting an investigative review.

“In the supplements industry that generates billions of dollars each year, it can be really difficult for the average consumer to sort through the fact and fiction of all the marketing jargon that supplement companies put out to promote their product,” reports Michaels. “That’s where the Stack Guides from Examine.com come in. They are compiled using only independent research and allow consumers to use the information given to really see the truth behind which supplements will be effective in treating their particular health condition.”

While most studies associated with supplements for the purpose of marketing are cherry picked, and are often just done in petri-dishes or even on rats, the research done by Examine.com for Stack Guides is actually based on studies that determine how certain supplements affect a myriad of different health conditions. Because Examine.com sells no supplements as a company but exists solely to provide reviews to consumers, they are known for being inherently unbiased and educational, instead of promotional. The complete collection of the Examine.com Stack Guides is separated into 15 specific guides that address individual health goals. These include everything from fat loss, testosterone enhancement, and heart health, to liver health, allergies, sleep quality, and more. Currently, consumers can choose to purchase just one individual guidebook based on their chosen health goal for a small payment of $8, or they can also choose to purchase the entire collection of 15 guidebooks for a one-time payment of $100.

“Over its nearly three years in existence, Examine.com has become the online authority for supplement information, with more than 20,000 visitors relying on the website each day for unbiased information about supplements available on the market” says Michaels. “They have also been featured in some of the leading fitness magazines, proving their credibility in the marketplace. These stack guides are a great way to access tailored information to an individual’s specific health needs, helping them find the facts they need quickly and efficiently.”

“Examine.com is so confident in the quality of its Stack Guides that it offers a 60-day money-back guarantee for all purchases to make sure that each customer is happy with the information it provides. There’s practically no risk in at least trying out one or more of the guides to see if the information can help guide a wise purchase decision.”

Those wishing to purchase the Examine.com Stack Guides or for more information, click here.

To access customer reviews of Examine.com Stack Guides, visit their official site here.

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