Nanoform Technology Available To The Public Through Fahrenheit 2451 Kickstarter Project

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XYALIS and ARNANO's Fahrenheit 2451* Nanoforms combine art and technology and introduce a new way to preserve precious personal data

The Nanoform preserves data through time

"Fahrenheit 2451 is the temperature at which we've tested our Nanoform. It doesn't burn. It doesn't melt." Alain Rey, Inventor.

Today, XYALIS and ARNANO, two French Silicon Valley companies, announce the public availability of the innovative Fahrenheit 2451 Nanoform technology to preserve personal data over long periods of time. The Nanoform is a new and unalterable storage medium encapsulating miniaturized photos and texts on a stunning sapphire disk that resists fire, light, water, acid and scratches. The resulting transparent disk looks like a piece of art. 1” Medallions, and 2” and 4” Nanoforms go on sale today on Kickstarter, until July 16 2015.

In a world that is always changing, how does one preserve and pass on essential keepsake? Paper and film fade with time. CDs, USB keys and external hard drives have a 30-year lifespan at best, when they are not scratched, corrupted, demagnetized or unreadable on new computers before. And 'The Cloud' is out of our hands and of questionable security.

Photos taken in happy moments, a child’s birth certificate, love letters, the history of a family or a community are all worth preserving.

Developed in Grenoble CEA-Leti laboratory, the Nanoform process shrinks vital documents up to 30,000 times of their original surface and encapsulates them between two thin sapphire wafers using high-precision photolithography technology (a nanometer-thin ray of light “burns” the data onto the sapphire), creating a unique and unalterable object.

The nano-images on the disk are viewable anywhere, anytime, as any magnifying device (200x) is sufficient to access the data saved on the Nanoform. For convenience an online viewing platform is available to Nanoform customers, enabling them to display and share their documents.

The Fahrenheit 2451 Kickstarter project gives the public the opportunity to support this innovative technology and bring it to the market by buying their own Nanoforms (1” Medallion, 2” or 4” Personal Nanoforms”) or by purchasing space on “La Nanoform,” an 8” disk that will serve as a time capsule preserved in a museum, to engrave a text or photo for eternity.

Personal Nanoforms can be offered as a wedding gift or as a tribute to a loved on. They can record a unique family tree, or the catalog of an artist lifetime work. They can be displayed in creative ways: treated as an heirloom, mounted on a mantelpiece or in a picture frame, even fitted as a necklace or earring.

Unlike hard drives, which must often be replaced, or the Cloud, which requires a recurring subscription to keep data alive, the Fahrenheit 2451 Nanoform is paid once and only once (an online viewing option is available).

For more information, visit Fahrenheit 2451 on Kickstarter or follow the project on Facebook and Twitter. A press kit with more details about the project and a large choice of photos is also available.

  • The name of the project is based on Ray Bradbury's novel Fahrenheit 451. In the case of the Nanoform, Fahrenheit 2451 – lava's temperature – isn't enough to destroy the Nanoform.

XYALIS, an Electronic Design Automation software developer founded in 1998, has developed the GTnano program, which processes the documents to be engraved on a Nanoform and optimizes their placement. XYALIS offers specialized tools in the area of Design for Manufacturing and Mask Data Preparation software. More at

Arnano applies microelectronic technologies to graphical applications. After several years of research, Arnano has developed and patented, in partnership with the French Commissariat a l’Energie Atomique (CEA) the process for microscopic engraving on synthetic sapphire, at the core of the Nanoform. More at

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