Famous Bored Ape Capetain Trippy is managing a new NFT band,“The NFTs”

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The virtual band of NFTs consists of respected rockstars and a viral tech wizard. A new AvaCast platform will be used to cast NFT avatars in the music video

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We are excited to share “The NFTs” new song with the world and for our upcoming music video. As the winner of the Bored-Offs, I've seen firsthand the power of AvaCast and know how massive the 'Avatar Casting' industry is about to become.

Bored Ape, Capetain Trippy (Twitter: @capetaintrippy), a prominent NFT collector and community leader who owns the most well-known and rarest Bored Apes (who recently turned down a $3.8 million offer) is now managing a new, next-generation virtual band called “The NFTs”. The band has an exciting breakthrough song “I've Got a Cool Cat Too” now available, making it one of the first NFT bands to release new music. The virtual band of avatars is made up of three characters from the StereoheadZ NFT collection.

The band and song launch capitalizes on the wave of interest around avatar-based NFTs as they make their way into mainstream culture as celebrity interest and volume of sales in web 3.0 experiences skyrocket. In addition to the traditional music outlets,“The NFTs” plan to release the song and a music video as NFTs soon. It is the first artistic initiative that will evolve into a range of creative musical styles as they collaborate with other NFT artists and animators.

“The NFTs'' consists of four virtual characters including the band’s manager. The band avatars are backed by real-life band members with reputable industry backgrounds. One character, Spaceman, is recording artist Ryan Star (IG: @eyeofrstar), CEO of Stationhead, a social audio app primed to be a major player in the web 3.0 space. Another, Dr. Capers, is Jace Kay (IG: @anonamister), a gifted technologist, and innovator who has been pushing the boundaries of the real and virtual worlds for 25+ years. Jace co-founded Stationhead with Ryan and is the creator of the famous Lemon AR filter. The third band member, Runk, is a talented musician and composer whose story and character narrative will be creatively released in the coming months.

As ‘avatar casting’ in comic books, music videos, and other media becomes big business, Jace Kay created the AvaCast platform to push the boundaries in this expanding media space by using it as a digital agent. “The NFTs” will use AvaCast to cast other NFTs, such as Bored Apes, Cool Cats, and StereoheadZ in their forthcoming official music video. As the owners of these NFTs have the IP rights to their characters, they can monetize them for use in media to earn royalties. This has made The Bored Ape Comic possible, a community-run comic based on the popular ‘Bored Ape Yacht Club’ NFTs, where 30 apes were cast in the first issue and used AvaCast’s social voting system to cast eight new apes in their upcoming Issue #2.

Band manager Capetain Trippy won the ‘Bored-Offs’ casting competition’s top prize, earning him a special role in the Bored Ape Comic and a piece of royalties from sales. He comments: “We are excited to share “The NFTs” new song with the world and for our upcoming music video. As the winner of the Bored-Offs, I've seen firsthand the power of AvaCast and know how massive the 'Avatar Casting' industry is about to become. We have only scratched the surface of NFTs as celebrities and hope our band helps fuel this exciting digital frontier for present and future artists”.

The “I’ve Got a Cool Cat Too” song is available on major streaming services, such as Apple & Spotify, and will be released, along with remixes, covers, and the music video, as a limited edition collectible NFT series in the near future. “The NFTs” recently signed with the StereoheadZ Music Club (SZMC), which funded the song's production and promotion. The SZMC's decentralized label and community fund were established to foster the creativity of its members and support the discovery, recording, and management of new bands.

The SZMC is limited to 11,111 members and includes a unique NFT where owners get full rights to create supporting art derivatives of the characters in their chosen media spaces and meta stories. The SZMC has been setting up the framework for this NFT music initiative, and their upcoming SZMC social network will enable its members to easily connect and collaborate.

The launch will be backed with a social, PR, and digital media campaign with the song available now on traditional music outlets, and on the StereoheadZ.com website. To help with the band’s branding strategy, The NFTs partnered with Adam Padilla (IG: @ adam.the.creator). Adam is known for his concepts, designs, and viral sensations, such as Fisher-Price Happy Hour Playset and Monster Energy Ham.

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About StereoheadZ


The StereoheadZ Music Club (SZCM) is a community formed around the love of music. Its mission is to connect like-minded creatives and assist the creation of new music, art, and expression. A portion of sales and royalties are used to establish the SZMC's decentralized label and community fund and foster the creative collaboration of its members. The StereoheadZ NFTs are available to mint now and, as seen with other popular NFTs, could see significant demand as the band & SZMC gain exposure.

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To request a preview/demo of the new AvaCast platform (https://avacast.io) contact: SZMC@StereoheadZ.com

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