Fannit Releases a Blog Post helping Businesses Realize and Refine Their Brand Message

Creating an effective brand message is a key to forming a successful business, according to blog post released by Fannit, a company specializing in search engine marketing.

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By being a company, having customers and employees, you have already developed a brand message, whether you know it or not.

(PRWEB) April 15, 2014

“You’re already doing brand messaging,” a recent article by Fannit tells businesses, “By being a company, having customers and employees, you have already developed a brand message, and whether you know it or not, you’re shouting that brand message through every aspect of your business.”

The tricky part, the article explains, is bringing all that messaging together to reflect a cohesive, catchy and unified voice. Every aspect of a business, from email signatures, to billboards, to online advertising, and onsite articles shout a company’s brand message to the public. To create a brand message, all departments of the company need to pull together to create a singular message, Fannit’s article says.

The article moves businesses through each stage of designing a brand message. First, they point out, you need to consider your target, and develop an effective buyer persona. This is the person around which you will design your brand message marketing campaign.

The article then moves businesses through the examination of competitors’ brand messaging, self-examination to determine what makes their products unique, how to stay current and catchy, all without losing sight of the end goal.

“It’s easy for businesses to become focused on the features of their product or service, explaining the various practical services that they offer instead of communicating the benefits for the customer,” the article explains.

Customers want to know what this product can do for them, not all the amazing features of a company they have no experience with. This type of brand messaging, focusing on the company instead of the customer, tends to leave the target audience bored or fail to engage with the brand message—a death sentence for what could be a very high-quality company.

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