Recent Article on Hunger Hormones Points to Bariatric Surgery Benefits, Notes Dr. Feiz & Associates

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The bariatric surgery center explains that, largely because of its impact in reducing the hunger hormone, the gastric sleeve procedure is incredibly effective at promoting better dietary decision making.

Dr. Feiz explains how the gastric sleeve procedure works on the TV show "The Doctors"

With the help of bariatric surgery, a great many patients are able to dramatically improve their physical health and fitness levels on a permanent basis.

According to an article published May 12th on Medical News Today, while ghrelin is known as one of the “hunger hormones” that induces the feeling of hunger and prepares the body for food, a new study shows that ghrelin may also have a pronounced effect on overall decision-making. Earlier research uncovered a link between food reward behavior and impulsivity, but this recent study indicates that the mechanism behind this effect is most likely due to this hunger hormone. In a study performed on rats, animals injected with the hormone were found to be much more likely to engage in generally impulsive behavior than in those for whom the hormone was blocked. According to Los Angeles based bariatric surgery clinic, Dr. Feiz & Associates, when considering the experiences of its current and former patients, these findings are not entirely surprising because ghrelin, the “hunger hormone” in question, often prevents patients from losing weight, or maintaining the weight loss progress they have already made, by thwarting their ability to make rational decisions when it comes to eating. Dr. Feiz & Associates explains that one of the clinic’s most popular and effective bariatric procedures, the sleeve gastrectomy, takes this hormonal factor into account in order to nip one of obesity’s primary causes in the bud. The clinic explains how the gastric sleeve procedure is helping a great many people who are struggling with severe obesity fight back and reclaim their lives:

  • How it works – The sleeve gastrectomy procedure involves the removal of 75-85% of the stomach and reshaping it into a sleeve-like shape, Dr. Feiz & Associates explains. The reduced stomach capacity leads the patient to feeling satiated significantly faster than previously, discouraging overeating. As part of a “twofer” effect, the gastric sleeve procedure actually eliminates the part of the stomach responsible for the release of ghrelin, which in turn limits the increasingly intense hunger pangs dieters typically experience, setting the stage for optimal weight loss.
  • After the procedure – The overall intention of weight loss surgery is to effectively change the patient’s eating behaviors and relationship with food, Dr. Feiz & Associates notes. The clinics adds that it has an experienced dietician as part of its team tasked with supporting patients in their weight loss journey and ensuring that they are meeting their weight loss goals.

With the help of bariatric surgery, a great many patients are able to dramatically improve their physical health and fitness levels on a permanent basis, significantly extending their lives and greatly improving their overall quality of life. For more information about the benefits bariatric surgery offers, interested readers may call Dr. Feiz & Associates at (800) 868-5946 or visit the bariatric clinic’s website at

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