Fantasy Flight Games Launches Star Wars™ Roleplaying Game

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Game brings the iconic film series to life at the game table, offers the most immersive Star Wars roleplaying experience yet.

Edge of the Empire enables players to chart their own course and create a thrilling adventure that offers the complexities of real life, but across the Star Wars galaxy

Now Star Wars fans and hobby gamers have a new way to bring the iconic series to life, thanks to an in-depth Core Rulebook for Star Wars®: Edge of the Empire™. The 448-page hardcover rulebook is the first in a series of three standalone, cross-compatible Star Wars tabletop roleplaying systems from hobby game publisher Fantasy Flight Games.

The Edge of the Empire Core Rulebook enables players to create complex characters and their own action-packed Star Wars adventure.

“Star Wars is bigger than ever, with three highly anticipated sequels coming out by the end of the decade. Plus, it’s been more than five years since the last Star Wars roleplaying game hit shelves,” says Steve Horvath, senior vice president of Fantasy Flight Games’ communications & digital business. “We’ve seen a tremendous amount of interest in Edge of the Empire because it enables players to create their own Star Wars adventure with unmatched depth and customization. Once we release all three Core Rulebooks, anything that happened in the movies will be possible within this game, and that’s resonated with fans of the film series and hobby gamers alike.”

Future Core Rulebook releases – Age of Rebellion™ and Force of Destiny™ – are slated to launch in 2014 and 2015, respectively.

Characters – their histories, motivations and stories – are at the heart of Star Wars: Edge of the Empire. Players use the Core Rulebook to guide the development of characters, each of which begins with a cast of contacts, associates and opponents that impact a game’s events. For example, each player’s character embarks on their adventure owing something that must be repaid, driving each character to seek ways to reduce their debts, lest their debtors come calling.

In addition to driving character development, the Core Rulebook guides the subsequent adventures of each player’s character and provides advice for bringing the Star Wars galaxy to life at the gaming table. The game’s narrative dice lead players through surprising turns of events, while empowering them to explore the consequences of their actions and further the development of their characters. While most roleplaying dice systems simply deem a decision as a failure or success, this dice system gives players the opportunity to explore new angles in their adventure.

“Edge of the Empire enables players to chart their own course and create a thrilling adventure that offers the complexities of real life, but across the Star Wars galaxy,” says Horvath. “You can ply your trade as a smuggler in the Outer Rim, collect bounties on the scum that live in the shadows of Coruscant or try to establish a new colony unbeknownst to the Empire – and face the consequences of your actions each step of the way.”

The new Star Wars®: Edge of the Empire™ Core Rulebook and supporting accessories, including a Roleplay Dice pack and Game Master’s Kit, can now be purchased online or at hobby game stores around the country, as well as Barnes & Noble and Amazon. The Core Rulebook retails at $59.95, while accessories range from $14.95-19.95. Fantasy Flight Games also sells a beginner version of the Star Wars: Edge of the Empire game, which served as an introduction to the Star Wars roleplaying experience. The game launched in 2012 and retails at $29.95.

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