Marble Media LLC’s Fitness Compares Static and Dynamic Stretching Before a Workout

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The latest blog from Marble Media LLC’s discusses the differences between static and dynamic stretching, and the importance of stretching before exercising.

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The importance of dynamic and static stretching before and after a workout

Stretching is often an undervalued element of fitness.

It’s no secret that stretching before or after a workout is important for lessening post-workout soreness and preventing activity-based injuries. But there’s still the matter of determining the best kind of warm-up or cool-down for different types of workouts. In the latest blog dated August 3, 2013 and titled, “Pre- and Post-workout Dynamic and Static Stretching”, Marble Media LLC guest blogger Liz Ernst discusses the importance of stretching and what it can do for athletes at every level.

“The importance of stretching to cannot be overstated,” Ernst says. “Whether you’re a weight-lifter, runner, cyclist, weekend basketball player or treadmill devotee, stretching has many benefits.

“Still, it's often an undervalued element of fitness.”

According to Ernst, while stretching won’t completely eliminate post-workout aches and pains, it can help minimize the degree and frequency of soreness experienced when practiced regularly. Soreness is typically experienced at higher levels among exercise beginners, folks returning to a fitness regimen, and anyone making drastic changes to an exercise routine or significantly increasing the duration or intensity of an existing regimen.

“Adding at least five minutes of post-workout stretching will reduce the length of time you experience soreness, and it can reduce the severity of your soreness as well,” Ernst says. And while there is no solid evidence that stretching directly prevents injury, there is a school of thought that increased flexibility gained from a regular stretching routine does help prevent activity-based injuries.

“Higher flexibility helps your joints move through their full range of motion; joints which regularly move through their full range of motion are less likely to be injured.”

Dynamic stretching is commonly done at the start of a workout or exercise program, after the athlete has properly warmed up. Static stretching us done at the end of a workout, and is meant to help cool the body down; as any student of yoga knows, static stretching muscles warmed from a workut can dramatically improve flexibility.

For many athletes, stretching is a time consuming drudgery that is tempting to skip in pursuit of getting down to it, but it is important for athletes to consider the numerous benefits stretching before and/or after working out delivers. offers a variety of options to stay motivated and keep the fitness routine fresh and fun. For more information, visit the website or email info(at)FitnessConnoisseur(dot)com.

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