Announcing New Techniques for Flipping Houses That Will Help Real Estate Investors Take Their Business to the Next Level

Cameron Dunlap is proud to announce new techniques for flipping houses, which he plans on unveiling at his upcoming Vacant House & Foreclosure Summit.

Atlanta, GA (PRWEB) August 22, 2014

The real estate business can be very cut throat at times, some markets get overwhelmed with investors. In order to be successful, investors have to think outside the box and be one step ahead of their competition. With the right techniques and guidance investors can be flipping houses daily.

Cameron Dunlap has come up with some great techniques and concepts to help his students beat out their competitors. With 20+ years as a real estate investor and a team of experts behind him, Cameron offers all the guidance a real estate investor needs to be successful. He has decided to announce these new techniques at his upcoming Vacant House & Foreclosure Summit. This live 3 day event will be held September 26th-28th in Atlanta, GA.

In March of 2014 Cameron and his team of experts took to Orlando, FL and in June of 2014 they descended on Chicago, IL. At both locations Cameron presented his Vacant House & Foreclosure Summit, introducing his new techniques and concepts to a room of 100+ real estate investors. The response was overwhelming, and students left there with a whole new concept on investing. Their business plans and strategies have been forever changed and they are now hitting the ground running.

Here is what some of the students had to say about their experience at Cameron’s Vacant House & Foreclosure Summits:

Stephanie from Cameron’s Orlando, FL event said, “Cameron Dunlap’s training and advice was incredibly helpful in completing my first deal. I did an assignment of contract on a junker and made $19K! He answered my questions and gave me confidence. Suddenly, all the prospects I put aside I am pursuing knowing I will get bigger paychecks going forward!”

“I’ve been here for 3 days, its action packed and full of information, great programs, and great speakers. I cannot wait to get out and implement the tools and strategies that I have learned here” said Phillip from New York, who attended Cameron’s Chicago, IL event.

Cameron plans on unveiling these great new techniques and concepts to another group of students this September 26th-28th in Atlanta, GA. Real estate investors will be flipping houses with lightning speed, and cashing bigger checks by implementing Cameron’s new techniques.

Investors who want to start by hitting the ground running, and learn more about this life changing event can visit today!