Possible Mold Problem Threatens New London City Hall, Florida Air Quality Testing Company AGC Environmental Gives Out Tips to Help the Public Block Its Risks

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Possible mold problem was threatening the New London City Hall building, said a report. In order to help anyone who has to deal with such risk, Florida air quality testing company AGC Environmental shared a number of mold removal tips.

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...mold suspicion must not be ignored. If a person thinks that there is an infestation of the spores...a mold test must be promptly implemented.

A potential mold problem was plaguing the New London City Hall building. And wanting to help anyone facing a similar threat to health, Florida air quality testing company AGC Environmental gave out some mold treatment tips.

In a report from wfsb.com dated January 10, 2014, it was said that a leaky heating pipe was discovered in the building. And because of it and the possible mold problem that it created, officials chose to close down the one office it affected last week.

Public works director Tim Hanser said in the report that to assess the problem and confirm the fungus' presence, they were working with the health department. Meanwhile, the local health district met with the city leaders to ensure that residents were protected from the potential threat.

Below is a part of the report.

“Achronic leaky heating pipe inside New London City Hall has forced city officials to shut down one office, and now the regional health district is investigating the problem.

The city hall door was boarded up last week by public works crews after concerns about the leaky pipe creating potential mold problems.”

According to AGC Environmental, leaks are some of the most common sources of mold. And even though it is not visible, it said that it could still be present and cause various problems.

Because of that, the company asserted that mold suspicion must not be ignored. If a person thinks that there is an infestation of the spores, it said that a mold test must be promptly implemented. That way, the fungus' presence could be confirmed early and it could be cleared immediately, it explained.

Nonetheless, for a Florida air quality test, AGC Environmental only recommended its service. Along with its mold inspection and removal, asbestos removal, lead-based paint removal and other environmental health services, it said that it is above that of other companies.

As it reasoned out, that's because all of those services are performed by certified professionals. And so, it stated that everyone could rest assured that their processes are in accordance with the state's standard. Moreover, it shared that its exterminators and consultants provide hard data about the problem that could be used claiming insurance, court purposes and house purchase.

For more information about AGC Environmental and its services, the company encourages everyone to visit its website at agcenvironmental.com.

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