New Self-Help Book Provides Tools for Healing the Wounds of Rejection

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In ‘Free At Last,’ Drs. Nancy and Ron Rockey tell the stories of an ex-con, a convicted killer, an alcoholic, and others to illustrate how childhood trauma and abuse, even from infancy, can be catastrophic and lifelong. They then provide psychological and scientific support for how victims can turn a dysfunctional life into one that brings peace, love, and joy.

'Free At Last’ by Drs. Nancy and Ron Rockey

Men and women do not end up as criminals, addicts, or unable to enjoy healthy connections in marriage or friendship without reasons…The majority are wounded in early life and are demonstrating their unmet needs in socially unacceptable ways.

Ron Rockey’s story is one of rejection, beginning in the womb. He was an unwanted baby and continued to be an unwanted child throughout his formative years. As a teen, his coping skills included self-inflicted rejection and he turned to alcohol and crime. His behaviors sabotaged his joy at every turn. Even so, Ron was able to turn his life around and find happiness, and he now offers his story in ‘Free At Last’ as help for wounded individuals including criminals and addicts.

Drs. Nancy and Ron Rockey feel strongly that men and women do not end up as criminals, addicts, or unable to enjoy healthy connections in marriage or friendship without reasons. They believe that the majority are wounded in early life and are demonstrating their unmet needs in socially unacceptable ways. ‘Free At Last’ demonstrates how rejection, what the Rockeys refer to as the most severe abuse, is a major contributor to criminal behaviors, as well as to addictions and poor relationships.

The Rockeys cover the psychological background of self-sabotaging behavior. It can stem from the womb or even earlier, generations before a person is born. Those beginnings can set someone on a path to illness, poor relationships, criminal behavior, and even early death.

The authors explain how people live in fear or live in love, and that humans are designed to have the heart and brain work in tandem as a team. They further explain that any negativity that a person experiences and subsequent adopted behaviors are attempts at survival. The Rockeys illustrate, through biographical stories, how when a person has been wounded early in life, the brain takes over and continually reacts out of fear and leaves the heart alone and ignored.

In addition to the psychology surrounding wounds from abuse and rejection, ‘Free At Last’ offers scientific information related to brain function, since the brain plays a large role in survival. The findings help answer the question about why some people are able to make something positive out of their lives while others continue to suffer.

Nancy Rockey offers reassurance to anyone who is struggling with unhealed wounds: “If you find yourself alone and wish that someone understood your plight and could be the confidant that you need, you just may find your solutions in this book. We can move to peace, joy, and love, and change from a life of covering up to living up to the full potential that we were created to experience.”

‘Free At Last’ provides the tools for recovery to anyone who feels imprisoned by rejection. It explains the reasons behind feelings, thoughts, and behaviors. In understanding the reasons for behavior and becoming more self-aware, the reader can decide to make positive changes to his or her life.

The book concludes with an explanation of how Ron Rockey turned his life around, received a Ph.D., and, along with his wife Nancy, went on to help others internationally through seminars and written works.

‘Free At Last’ is published in both eBook and paperback format by and is now available from popular online retailers, including and

About Drs. Nancy and Ron Rockey
Ron and Nancy have been married for 48 years. They have 2 daughters and 6 grandchildren. They have been in Pastoral Ministry and have been providing tools for recovery from wounds for over 20 years. They have taught seminars worldwide and enrolled people into small groups for recovery using their Binding the Wounds and The Journey recovery programs. Classes are being conducted by trained facilitators across the U.S., Canada, Mexico, Guam, Australia, and several European countries. The Rockeys live in Alto, New Mexico.

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