Girl Gets Ring System Website Takes a Look at Women’s Dating Guides for 2014

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Girl Gets Ring System

The Girl Gets Ring System website team are pleased to announce they will be starting the year off with an in-depth review of one of the leading dating guides for women: the Girl Gets Ring course by Jonathon Green and T.W. Jackson. As many single people, especially women, have a new year’s resolution on their list pertaining to starting a relationship or advancing an existing one, the turn of the year is an appropriate time to review this relationship guide for women.

The website, which can be found at, has recently been updated to include the latest information about this course in order to help those wishing to go from being single to engaged to their ideal man. When speaking to the website manager it was made clear that, “this online dating course covers the full process from how to catch the attention of your ideal partner, right through to advancing the relationship to the point where you have a ring on your finger. It’s packed with tips, practical advice and step by step guides for many situations, it really doesn’t leave anything uncovered."

During the review and study carried out by the Girl Gets Ring System website, the team learned how the course was structured and broken down into manageable parts. Their published Girl Gets Ring review explains that the guide differs from traditional books that offer advice for women hoping to find Mr. Right. Whereas in the past, books for women on relationships have been written by women, this online guide has been created and devised by two men, one of whom is single, while the other is happily married. By providing an insight from a man’s perspective, the two authors, Green and Jackson, were able to give advice that can sometimes be surprising to women.

“Usually the relationship advice in books for women really appeals to the women readers, but when put into practice, does little to help the situation. However, what actually works, isn’t always comfortable reading for women, but when applied out in the field, does provide great results,” stated the website manager. From reading the review of the course material, it is hard not to agree with this standpoint. The training material eschews the treat them mean, keep them keen approach for something more traditional and perhaps less progressive.

From reading the review, it is revealed that the content of the teachings and the advice handed out to students, is to flatter your ideal man in order to show him how much you appreciate him. This advice flies in the face of more modern dating advice, which prescribes an approach of playing it cool and making yourself unavailable. With the Girl Gets Ring System, it’s all about doing things which make it clear to your dream guy that you admire and actually like him. The website’s review also goes to some lengths to explain that the actions the course recommends you take do not, “involve acting like a crazy person, doing anything undignified or un-lady like, but simply being someone your guy wants to spend time with."

As is clear from the title of this dating guide from Jonathan Green and T Dub Jackson, the goal of the course is to go from acquaintance to being engaged, with as little resistance as possible. During the guide, there is advice and practical exercises to complete which the website claimed “take the course beyond simply being a nice story on getting engaged, to actually being something that can be applied to get results”.

If this more laidback and traditional approach to dating and capturing the heart of the man of your dreams appeals to you, then this review which was published recently, gives an overview of the course. It also contains information on the two authors and their relevant experience and qualifications in the field of dating. The website covers some key concerns many single women might have about taking dating advice from men. There is also a section providing detailed information on what is included in the book, along with what types of approaches are not included, as well as how to get the most from its contents.

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