How to Stop Bug Bites Naturally with 10 Tips for Organic Mosquito and Tick Control from Giroud Tree and Lawn

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Mosquitoes and ticks have invaded yards and bring along the danger of bites that can spread diseases like the Zika Virus and Lyme Disease. Don't bring out heavy chemicals to repel these bloodsucking pests, Giroud Tree and Lawn's latest blog post provides 10 Natural Tips for mosquito and tick control that include strategies for personal protection and organic ways to keep these pests out of the yard.

Mosquito populations are expected to emerge early and be big this summer according to the National Pest Management Association’s spring and summer Bug Barometer. Image Credit: NPMA,

Mosquito populations are expected to emerge early and be big this summer according to the National Pest Management Association’s spring and summer Bug Barometer. Image Credit: NPMA,

There are natural, organic ways to prevent mosquito and ticks bites including personal repellents and making the yard less inviting.

It's time to wage war on mosquitoes and ticks. But, homeowners don't need to bring out the heavy chemical artillery to control these bloodthirsty pests. Giroud Tree and Lawn's latest blog post shows how to win the mosquito and tick control war naturally by taking action in the yard and with personal repellents.

To safely enjoy the yard without becoming the next meal for hungry ticks and mosquitoes, Giroud Tree and Lawn has pulled together the 10 Best Tips for Natural Mosquito and Tick Control with insights from Mother Earth Living and Mind Body Green.

The first line of defense is Personal Mosquito and Tick Repellents. Basically, people need to be personally less attractive. Not in general, just to the bloodsuckers!
1. Wear light and neutral colored clothing: Mosquitoes are attracted to things that mimic nature like the colors in flowers, foliage or animals. Go for white, khaki or beige.
2. Go Natural: Avoid perfumes or any products that contain fragrances.
3. Keep Cool: Sweat and carbon dioxide from exhaling are mosquito beacons. A fire also puts off carbon dioxide. So, limit candles to citronella and hold off on the fire pits and bonfires until fall.
4. Cover up: Mosquitoes are most attracted to areas where the skin is thinner and the blood vessels are closer to the surface such as the ears, wrists, and ankles. It’s tough in the summer but when near water or woods, wear lightweight, long sleeves, long pants and socks. When walking through high grasses or underbrush, tuck pants into socks to prevent ticks from crawling up the legs.
5. Use Repellents: Of course, DEET and Permethrin are the go-to chemical repellents, but there are natural alternatives. Often sold in health food stores, non-toxic, botanical repellents should be reapplied about every thirty minutes to remain effective. Repellents containing soybean oil protect for about ninety minutes—comparable to DEET. When mosquitoes start landing again, that’s the signal to reapply repellent.

Now that personal repellents are in place, it's time to turn to winning the Mosquito and Tick Control war in the yard. It takes an all-out assault on areas of the yard that attract the bloodsuckers as well as creating a pest repellent barrier.

6. Treat the Hot Spots and Perimeter of the Yard: Giroud’s Organic Mosquito and Tick Control treatments kill the pests on contact and then repel for up to three weeks. Made from essential oils including peppermint and cedar, this natural pest control is safe for children, pets, and pollinators like bees and butterflies.
7. Minimize Standing Water: A mosquito needs water for two stages of its life cycle. Keep rain gutters clear and unclogged. Remove old tires, buckets, plastic covers, or any other container. Empty and change the water in birdbaths, fountains, wading pools, rain barrels and potted plant trays at least once a week. Drain temporary pools of water or fill with dirt.
8. Prune or Remove Overgrown Vegetation: Mosquitoes are shade lovers. Eliminate shady habitats in two ways. First, clean up and/or clear overgrown areas. Second, prune trees and shrubs around the lawn edge to let in more sunlight.
9. Use yellow light bulbs in outdoor fixtures. This color isn’t as attractive to bugs.
10. Plant mosquito-repelling plants. These include scented geraniums, lemon thyme, marigold, tansy, citrosa plants, sweet basil and/or sassafras near the home.

Mosquitoes and ticks are a serious threat. But, chemicals aren't the only way to control these bloodsucking pests. Giroud Tree and Lawn recommends preventing mosquito and tick bites naturally with personal repellents as well as organic pest control treatments and other strategies to make the yard a less inviting place.

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