GN Release Automatic Mud Tank Cleaning System for International Market

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GN developed the economic separation solution for sand and water or other liquid by using a clarifier unit. The new developed tank cleaning system is a combined system including the clarifier unit and other relative assisting equipment to give user a cost saving method to fine solids separation from water.

GN Tank Cleaning System

GN Automatic Tank Cleaning Solution

For many years, GN Solids Control is committed to providing the separation solution to customers coming from various industries. At the beginning of the company foundation, GN mainly focused on the drill cuttings separation from drilling mud. With the business expansion and more and more feedback from customers, GN developed some separation solutions for specified industries; here in this article will talk about the GN new released tank cleaning system.

Working principle of GN Automatic Tank Cleaning System

GN automatic tank cleaning system is a solid-liquid 2 phase separation solution. It is a none high pressure washing-gun design. The used dirty flushing slurry is sucked via a pump to the system, and then the solids and liquid separated in a sedimentation vessel with lots of inclined plates mounted inside. Gravity is the main factor for solids sedimentation. In the meanwhile, flocculants will be added from the built-in chemical dosing system for speeding up the fine solids gathering and. Separated clean water will over flow and drop into the buffering storage tank for reusing. This tank cleaning system could be used as a general and economic solid-liquid separation solution with wide application. Comparing with the dewatering centrifuge, this system is low power consumption, low cost with larger treating capacity. The solid discharged from the system would be higher moisture content than the decanter centrifuge, the condensed sludge could be further treated by the filter press to reduce the moisture or dried in the sun.

Components of GN Automatic Tank Cleaning System

GN tank cleaning system is mainly consisting of slurry suction module, solid-liquid separation module, clean water return module and chemical dosing module. User can easily get the high pressure washing gun from other suppliers per specifications and competitive price.
1.    Slurry Suction Module – an electrical vacuum hose pump is the key equipment in this module. The pump is used to transfer the flushing slurry into the separation module. To prevent the large size solid getting into the system, a filter device is installed at the inlet of the pump. On the way of vacuum pump feeding to the separation module, a static mixer is installed as part of the pipe, the flocculants and slurry can be fully mixed here for better sedimentation performance.
2.    Separation Module – the solid and liquid separation procedure takes place in an inclined plate clarifier, many inclined plates are installed in the tank. According to the solids size, the distance between each two plates could be designed. These plates are built 55 degree inclined with water level so that the solids could settle down rapidly along the plate to the bottom of the clarifier. A none shaft screw is installed at the bottom of the V-shape tank to stirring the settled the sludge to make it easier for discharging out by a diaphragm pump. The overflowed clean water will drop into the storage tank for reusing.
3.    Clean Water Return Module – the clean water coming out from the clarifier will be collected in the buffering tank that is connected to a pump with 8 bar working pressure that can pump the water back to washing gun for reusing.
4.    Chemical Dosing Module – the automatic tank cleaning system is equipped with chemical mixing barrel and dosing pump. Flocculants could be made here and pumped to the clarifier. The fine solids could be gathered rapidly, which will be helpful for the solids and liquid separation.

Evolution of the Tank Cleaning System and Application
IPC (Inclined Plate Clarifier) is the most critical equipment in the automatic tank cleaning system. The IPC itself is widely used for removal of settle-able solids in a variety of waste streams like municipal wastewater treatment, mining wastewater treatment, oil sludge treatment, car washing dirty water cleaning, membrane Filter pre-treatment, and so on. By compositing this IPC with OWS (Oil Water Separator), GN developed an economic wastewater treatment system. No matter the wastewater is with or without free non-emulsified oils, diesel, gasoline and fuels. This system is special designed for construction mud settlement and industrial waste water settlement. It is a 2-step separation procedure. Firstly wastewater or slurry gets into the IPC for liquid and coarse solids separation; secondly, liquid overflows the inclined plates and gets into the OWS for liquid and find solids separation. The OWS is with coalescing structure that can separate the non-emulsified oil and water.

Large amount of water could be saved if the tank cleaning system is used. In the meantime, operators’ working efficiency is highly increased. In consideration the easy transportation, GN designs the tank cleaning system with dimension that could be put into a 40 feet container for ocean shipment. After arriving on site, operators only need simple connection of the handrails and ladder.

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