Grand Solmar Sheds Light on How to Avoid Summer Travel Scams Around the World

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The Grand Solmar Scam Reduction Group is assisting travelers with education about how they can avoid some common travel scams.

Grand Solmar

Grand Solmar

The Grand Solmar scam reduction group is committed to providing travelers to Cabo San Lucas as well as travelers around the world with the most up-to-date information about common travel scams that are happening in locations around the world. By staying informed and aware, vacationers have a much lower chance of being taken advantage of. This summer, the Grand Solmar scam reduction group is sharing details of these common scams for travelers to be aware of.

1. Getting Short Changed
This scam is common in a lot of destinations throughout the world. When travelers go out of their country of residence, they are oftentimes not familiar with the currency that their vacation destination uses. Scammers are extremely aware of this fact, and will use it to their advantage. The Grand Solmar scam reduction group recommends that travelers take some time to get to know the currency and the types of money that are used at their final destination. Make sure to know when the correct amount of change is given back; otherwise, travelers might get short changed.

2. Running Out of Gas Scam
When stopping to fill up one’s car with gas, a clean-cut scammer who provides some relatable and believable story about how they have run out of gas and are simply trying to get back home will oftentimes approach travelers. They will ask for the traveler’s address so that they can send them their money back once they get home, and will reiterate that they’re a good, law-abiding and religious person. If a traveler does give this scammer the money for gasoline, it is extremely unlikely that they will ever see the money again, says the Grand Solmar scam reduction group. The best way to avoid this scam is to politely decline to give the person the money for gas.

3. The Golden Ring Scam
A common scam at sightseeing destinations, a woman carrying a small, sleeping child will approach a tourist saying that they have found a gold ring, watch or other valuable item. The woman will then attempt to sell the tourist the item, claiming that she needs the money to feed her small child. Feeling guilty, the unsuspecting tourist will pay for the valuable, but they later find out that the item is a complete fake. Even if they paid a fraction of the retail cost for the item, the fact that it is fake makes the price that was paid much more than the item is worth, shares the Grand Solmar scam reduction group.

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