Gravitational Physics Game Features Black Hole Obstacles, Additional Levels

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Phantom Data Services, LLC is pleased to release the latest version of the gravitational physics game, Gravitate 1.3.

Gravity Puzzle Game


Phantom Data Services, LLC is pleased to release the latest version of the gravitational physics game, Gravitate 1.3. This fun and challenging gravity puzzle game is designed exclusively for Android platforms. Version 1.3 introduces 25 new levels, including invisible black hole obstacles. A custom-developed physics engine delivers realistic gravitational effects.

The goal in Gravitate is to launch a satellite at a target while dodging planets, asteroid fields, and invisible black holes that stand in the way. The gravitational pull of the planets and black holes will alter the satellite's path, making it difficult or impossible to hit the target directly. However, the gravity can be used to the player's advantage. By adjusting launch speed and direction, the satellite will slingshot around the obstacles and hit the target.

Gravitate uses a very simple user interface that is easy to learn, but it is very challenging to master. Game levels are designed to help players learn the game as they are playing. As players advance through the levels, more obstacles are added. The position of the obstacles change as well, making the gravitational forces more complex and the solutions more difficult.

Gravitate is designed as a casual experience. There is no time limit, no score, and no limit on attempts. Players are encouraged to learn through trial-and-error. They can launch a satellite, watch how it interacts with the planets, asteroid fields, and black holes, and immediately try again if their attempt goes off course. This level of interactivity, combined with the challenging levels, makes Gravitate a casual yet highly compelling game.

The latest version, Gravitate 1.3, includes 125 levels. More levels, features, and game options are continually in development by Phantom Data Services and will be available in future versions.

Gravitate is ad-supported and is available for download from the Google Play Store:

Gravitate was designed by Phantom Data Services, LLC, a New Mexico limited liability company providing advanced website development and Android app development services. Phantom Data Services, LLC also recently released upgrades to its voice changer app, Phantom I/O.

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