Sunset Finances Reveals the Essential Nature of Contemplation in Grief

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Following the publication of the September 20th Pittsburgh Post-Gazette article titled “Quiet Little Funeral Offers Opportunity to Reflect upon Life”, Sunset Finances revealed the essential nature of time and contemplation in grief following the loss of a loved one.

Sunset Finances proclaimed the vital nature of time and contemplation when experiencing grief after the loss of a loved one. Though many families and friends strive to keep themselves busy, or push the thought of a loved one’s passing to the back burner, doing so is actually harmful rather than helpful, and slows the grieving process. Though it is important to take adequate care of funeral arrangements such as the memorial service and burial site, take time to grieve as well. This came on the heels of the September 20th Pittsburgh Post-Gazette article entitled “Quiet Little Funeral Offers Opportunity to Reflect upon Life”.

Ed Wintermantel composed an article detailing his recent experience attending the funeral of a friend’s brother. Though he went to the funeral expecting a typical setting, he quickly realized that this funeral was different; in the place of a multitude of people, decorations, and fanfare was a handful of people, a few simple photos, and quiet conversations. Though Wintermantel was at first disarmed, he soon realized that the quiet service gave him time to reflect on his own life and the life of the deceased, and was able to witness the man’s family accepting their grief and even embracing it. He found the change of pace both refreshing and helpful in his own thought and grief process.

Though it is important to take care of the funeral arrangements after a loved one’s passing, whether that includes collecting burial insurance, coordinating a memorial service, or informing family members of the deceased’s service, knows that it is equally important to take time to grieve.

Sunset Finances offers these ways to grieve even while still taking care of the funeral arrangements:

-Invite loved ones of the deceased over for a gathering.
Having people over to reminisce with can help to ease one’s pain. Even if not everyone knows each other, the deceased would be a strong common bond.

Write down the words that were left unsaid. Many people feel ill with knowing the last words they did or didn’t say to a loved one who passed. Writing down things one wished they said could ease pain.

The power of tears is amazing. A person just died. Cry about it. It may help one feel better.

It is okay to be sad when a loved one has died, and is certainly acceptable to display grief. It is not necessary to keep a smile and calm composure on at all times, and may instead alienate others who wish to grieve as well. Though funerals should be a celebration of the deceased’s life, they should also provide an outlet for friends and family to grieve and say goodbye.

Ed Wintermantel is an occasional contributor to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, following a rich career in journalism. The Post-Gazette provides regular local news to the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania area.

In the wake of an article discussing one man’s recent funeral-going experience, Sunset Finances proclaimed the vast importance of allowing oneself to grieve following the death of a loved one. Though many consider this an obvious rule, countless individuals refuse to allow themselves to grieve, instead throwing themselves into work, funeral planning, or busy social schedules. Though these are all healthy and necessary aspects of life, using them to avoid embracing and truly experiencing grief may prove emotionally unhealthy and simply prolong the grieving and healing process. If information is needed, encourages readers to learn more about death and burial insurance here.

Sunset Finances strives to provide families and individuals with the tools to experience healthy grieving after the passing of a loved one.

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