Grinder Gear Clothing Co. Announces Partnership with Hometown Hero Productions as Part of a Multi-Media Marketing Push

Grinder Gear Clothing is teaming up with Hometown Hero Productions, a Wilmington NC-based up-and-coming film crew, to produce a new web series called "The Grind" as just one avenue to take their new lifestyle clothing brand straight to its target demographic through film, video, and live music.

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"The Grind" A New Web Series

Being asked to be the executive producer on the project was such a thrill for me. It gives me a great outlet for my creative side and I am thoroughly enjoying the new experience.

Columbia, SC (PRWEB) July 30, 2013

Grinder Gear founding partner Jeff Griffith knows all to well that trying to launch a new lifestyle apparel brand in such a flooded market definitely presents more than its share of challenges but the Grinder Gear team seems confident and poised to overcome anything that comes their way. As a former guitarist / songwriter himself, Griffith is excited to partner with other young artists to unveil his new line with a creative marketing campaign that includes an upcoming web series, appropriately titled "The Grind", about a group of twenty somethings that got embroiled in the controversial world of online poker and follows their lives after the DOJ shut down all the major poker sites in the U.S. "Being asked to be the executive producer on the project was such a thrill for me," says Griffith. "It gives me a great outlet for my creative side and I am thoroughly enjoying the new experience." The first trailer for The Grind has just been released on You Tube and is already generating quite a bit of buzz in the poker community. Watch "The Grind" Trailer

The pilot episode is expected to be released by mid-August after which Griffith & Company are planning to launch a crowd funding campaign to generate the neccessary capital to complete the full 8 episode series. Writer / Director Christopher Hayes says, "We think we have a really compelling story to tell. It's not just for poker players at all. It is much more universal than as it deals more with the grind of finding your own path in life post college." The Grind series has planned feature cameos from top professional poker players as well as music by other Grinder Gear media partners.

Grinder Gear Clothing Co. is a bold new street apparel brand dedicated to all those who wake up everyday and grind out a path few will dare to follow. It's for all those who know that nothing great ever comes without great sacrifice! Whether your office is the poker room in a casino, the vert ramp at the X-Games, a snow covered Colorado mountain, a killer wave off the pacific coast, or a blood-stained Octagon, FOR THOSE ABOUT TO GRIND....WE SALUTE YOU!!!!


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"The Grind" Producers "The Grind" Producers

Exec Producer Jeff Griffith (left) - Writer / Director Christopher Hayes (right)

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