Gundaker Construction and Restoration Group Completes Major Roofing Project in St. Albans, MO

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The roofing company completed an extensive cedar shingle roofing project in St. Albans in eight days.

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It is a very intricate process, whereas regular shingles are put on relatively quickly.

In February 2015, Gundaker Construction and Restoration Group finished a major roofing project in St. Albans, MO. Featuring storm damage, a labor-intensive roofing material, and the complicated process of navigating a successful insurance claim, the project perfectly exemplifies Gundaker Construction and Restoration Group’s strengths as a company.

In recent years, the insurance claims process has earned a bad reputation due to fraudulent activity by construction, roofing, and repair companies. Rather than winding up with leaky roofs and other low-quality work, insurance companies and homeowners are now focusing on finding the right company for the job. Such was the case in the St. Albans project: after a hailstorm ruined the roof of a cedar-shingled home, PURE, a New York-based insurance agency, called Gundaker Construction and Restoration Group in to assess the damages. Originally, another business had been recommended to the homeowners, but the claims process revealed that their quote was much too high. As PURE’s only preferred roofing company in Missouri, Gundaker Construction and Restoration Group was brought in to assess the situation.

The project featured some challenges from the start: the home is roughly 10,000 square feet and covered by a cedar shingle roof, the majority of which was ruined by the storm. Cedar shingle installments are highly labor intensive, requiring each shingle to be laid individually and nailed down.

“It is a very intricate process, whereas regular shingles are put on relatively quickly,” said Mike Kossman, the Managing Partner of Gundaker Construction and Restoration Group. “This type of shingle is the equivalent of assembling a giant puzzle on top of a roof.”

Additionally, the wood must be treated and resealed every five to seven years, depending on environmental conditions, or it will turn gray, attract bugs, and begin absorbing water. However, the roofing material features an attractive, craftsmen-like look that many homeowners love.

Over the course of eight days, Gundaker Construction and Restoration Group ripped up the damaged shingles and replaced them with new cedar shingles. Normally, a project of this size would have taken three weeks, but the company had doubled their construction crew for the job. The project was completed in the third week of February, but Gundaker Construction and Restoration Group is far from done with the house: the company is responsible for the long-term maintenance of the roof, with a five-year workmanship warranty and a 40-year manufacturer’s warranty on the materials.

“So far, we've had good feedback from the client,” said Kossman.

Gundaker Construction and Restoration Group recommends that homeowners who are going through a similar situation choose a roofing company carefully. The company says they should look for a name that has been around for a while and has experience dealing with the roofing type in question; while Gundaker Construction and Restoration Group has only been in operation for two years, Kossman has been in the industry for around 12 years. Moreover, he started the company with his business partner, Patrick Devers, under the promise to do quality work at a reasonable price.

“There's a lot of price-gouging out there, and we recommend homeowners steer clear of companies that aren't familiar with different roof types,” Kossman said. “If your contractor isn't experienced, then it will be a headache for both homeowners and insurance companies alike.”

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