Rent My Vacation Home Offers Double Guarantee

Rent My Vacation Home now guarantees Homeowner Rentals and Vacationers Reservations.

New York, New York (PRWEB) July 24, 2013

Rent My Vacation Home in conjunction with several insurance companies now guarantees vacation Homeowners will get rentals and vacationers will have reservations guaranteed. One of the biggest problems in the vacation home industry is scams involving homes that are not for Rent but advertised for Rent by false owners.

The new reservation system put in place by Rent My Vacation Home guarantees that the reservations match the home and address or the money is refunded. Vacation Homeowners no longer have to worry about signing up with websites that don’t even get them rentals. Rent My Vacation Home guarantees Homeowners rentals and on a case by-case basis even returns the fee Homeowners pay to join if they do not receive rentals.

Homeowners can join for only $99 a year with one free month. Vacationers can save the search with no charge and make reservations the same way they would any major motel. Vacationers do not have to leave deposits and they can cancel at any time because the insurance that enables this is offered a check out.

For more information about the new technology go to or call 1-800-699-7684. Rent My Vacation Home now encompasses over 115 sites throughout the United States.

By [Jay Kalin