Hamburger Frisbee Competition Announced

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Product Innovation Ltd recently launched a new game called Hamburger Frisbee on their Propane GasGenie website. It has been a huge success and they have now decided to make the game competitive by giving a monthly prize for the highest score.

Play Hamburger Frisbee

Play Hamburger Frisbee

The Hamburger Frisbee game has been fun..... especially trying to beat Peter's high score, but now things are really heating up with the new leader board. -- SG

Hamburger Frisbee is a fun and funny, free game that was invented especially to complement the more serious sides of the Propane GasGenie website. It involves a cartoon character flinging hamburgers, Frisbee style, from one side of the screen onto a grill on the other side. In addition there is a family that cheers when a hamburger lands in the right place and bangs on the garden table when the burger lands on the ground. Points are won by a correct throw. There is also a dog, whose activities seem to cause a lot of amusement to those that have played the game.

Peter Frank, CEO of Product Innovation explains: ‘We invented the game so that visitors to the web site would be able to enjoy themselves as well as looking at the more serious pages where the Propane GasGenie product is explained. It is the only product capable of giving an active warning when the BBQ gas is getting low and works using patented electronics and temperature sensors.’

The game is started when the player switches on the gas. At that point the pressure gauge attached to the tank will show full pressure. The player then flings as many hamburgers onto the grill as possible before the gas runs out. But he must remember to switch off the gas before the tank is empty. Otherwise he loses all his points. He can rely on remembering to watch the pressure gauge or be guided by the sounds and LEDs of the Propane GasGenie early warning. The pressure gauge and Propane GasGenie work in a similar fashion to real life, although at a faster time scale, so the game has some realism built in.

After launching the game a few weeks ago the company found that they had a success on their hands. People were playing and chuckling and recommending the game to friends. There were players from all over the world. Most were in the US but others came from South America, the Middle East and Europe. So they decided it would be a good idea to add an element of worldwide competition. They have now announced that players will be able to record their scores by a simple click of the mouse button. There will be a Leader Board showing the top ten players of the month, and every month the top player, and another chosen at random from that month’s players will receive a free Propane GasGenie. For practical reasons the prizes will be awarded to US residents only. But the Leader Board will be compiled from all players worldwide. The competition can be entered by anyone playing on a computer. Hamburger Frisbee can also be played on Android and iPhone and iPad by clicking on the link to the App on the Propane GasGenie website.

Peter Frank again: ‘We hope that the game will be enjoyed by thousands of players of all ages. We will get a kick from seeing how far the game has spread and from any comments people make online about it.’

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Product Innovation Ltd is an established New Product Development consultancy specialising in inventing and developing new products for manufacturing companies. The company has been in business for more than 25 years and in that time has been involved in a wide range of new products many of which have worldwide patents. Visit for additional information about Product Innovation Limited. More information about Propane GasGenie can be found at the following site.

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