Wrenwane Launch New Hardwearing Zester at Tradeshow

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Public given demonstration of durable hand grater from Wrenwane at recent industry event.

Wrenwane Zester

Staff from Wrenwane was on hand at a recent tradeshow to demonstrate and promote their latest product, the Wrenwane Zester (http://wrenwane.com/zester). Giving live demonstrations throughout this two day industry event, as well as answering questions from the public and assorted press corps, the key features of this product were put through their paces for all to see.

“Zesters or hand graters are notorious for being low quality and buckling under the pressure of dealing with any food tougher than a ripened lime” the product spokesman had to say when quizzed on why Wrenwane had develop and brought this product to market. During the marketing event the product was demonstrated to be as strong as the marketing material claimed, when it was used to grate and zest all manner of food stuffs, including frozen ginger, unripe lemons and large carrots.

When showing off the product on stage, the Wrenwane spokeswoman explained that the device was “bi-directional for increased efficiency which resulted in the use of fewer strokes when creating zest or when fine grating ingredients”. On the stage, the Wrenwane food zester was used to tackle onions, cheese, fruit and more, resulting in an even and consistent end product, with minimal effort being exerted by the demonstrator.

Other features of the product that were covered at the tradeshow included the non-slip plastic handle which was designed especially for those who found the smaller zesters and hand graters too unsubstantial to get a sufficient grip on. It was pointed out that elderly consumers would find this feature of the product most appealing, due to diminishing fine motor skills.

“With a lifetime guaranteed and a fine stainless steel grating surface, this dishwasher safe zester should be able to make a mark on the existing products out there that fall into this category,” the company’s head of product design exclaimed. “While this Wrenwane zester might be slightly less inexpensive than some of its competitors, the extra features and high quality craftsmanship that go into producing each one results in exceptional value for the consumer,” he continued.

With the product already available at leading online retailers such as Amazon, the reaction from the public has already been positive according the presentation given at the tradeshow. “Many people said there were already enough zesters on the market and there wasn’t the need for any more, however, the early sales figures suggest these claims were wrong and the new Wrenwane Zester is filling a need that existed in this product category,” the company spokesmen declared.

Throughout the tradeshow presentation of this product, as well as around the Wrenwane stall, this zester attracted the attention of many of the passing attendees and could indicate that this might be the surprise hit product for Wrenwane of 2014. With many new products coming to market this year, especially in the fiercely competitive small kitchen accessories sub-market, it remains to be seen whether this one has what it takes to last the distance and become an established product. However, early indicators were positive and it would be foolish to bet against the Wrenwane Zester.

For more details and to purchase the Wrenwane Zester visit Amazon.com at http://www.amazon.com/Zester-Grater-Stainless-Comfortable-Dishwasher/dp/B00GZ00UXQ.

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