Harnessing the Power of Personalization (Tips from the Name Tag Professionals)

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In preparation for the upcoming sales season, many companies are providing surveys and reports about the importance of customer communications. Coller Industries Incorporated knows how crucial it is to understand and harness the power of personalization.

Whether it’s employees wearing name tags or a personalized gift wrapped in custom ribbons, remembering clientele individually is the name of the game.

The key to keeping clients and customers happy is simple yet powerful: PERSONALIZATION. Enter, name tags. With the help of Coller Industries Incorporated and name tags, personalization becomes easier for any company to master. After all, name tags provide an initial and personal introduction that is critical in the business world. Gary Coller, President of Coller Industries, says, “A name tag is essential in the customer experience as it will quickly identify who is there to help, who would be an expert and who is in charge.”

With sales for most businesses typically peaking in the current fourth quarter, customer retention and engagement needs to be at an all time high. The best way to grow is to harness the power of personalization, and every company must find and understand customers’ individual needs and desires. Once these needs are identified, personalization will start to flow naturally.

Marketing is about a business promoting and selling products or services. This promotion also includes market research and advertising. And, what better way to advertise than with personalization. It can start with a company’s logo on a name tag. Or, by remembering even the smallest of purchasers, that proverbial little guy. No matter what, a business needs to focus on what best suits the company goals and more importantly, customer’s needs and happiness.

Remembering that little guy is often a struggle inside a business model. But, it is one of the most essential tasks any CEO or manager can accomplish. After all, it’s these customers who make a business grow from day to day. So, personalized marketing has become necessary to progress in today’s business world.

Personalization makes all the difference in business goals and customer retention. Companies must modify their interactions individually to ensure a personalized customer experience. And, if done correctly, there is an undeniable power of personalization that becomes an incredible tool for marketers. “Name tags are incredibly beneficial in any place where people interact with each other,” said Coller. “Most of us have been in situations when we can’t recall someone’s name, and a name tag takes all of that pressure off during business interactions.”

Most companies thrive only because of the power of personalization. Coller Industries understands that it’s all about knowing who the customer is. Whether it’s an emailed marketing message or a salesperson personally reaching out to a client, personalization is critical in all communications.

From name tags for employees to something more personalized (like an award plaque) for a customer, everything with a name on it is essential for any business. And don’t forget that this personalization drives instincts, urges and repeat purchases. The more that is known about a business’ clientele, the better they can mold their experience.

Consider this: does someone want to hear their name as they walk into a business or a gruff, “Hey,” or worse, nothing at all? The answer is that everyone wants to hear or see their name. While on in a souvenir shop on vacation, most people instinctively check the carousel display with the keyrings to find their name. And, when they find their name, they are excited! It doesn’t mean that they will purchase the keyring or other souvenirs, but people love to see their name featured on something.

Remember that the power of personalization goes both ways. Treat employees the same way that a customer would want to be treated. Make them feel just as special by using their name in meetings, during conferences or in daily greetings. “Let employees know how much they are valued by having their name tag or name plate ready to go on their first day,” said Coller. Personalization of employees will convert into business deals and goals and then ends up reflecting onto the business owner. And that’s the best kind of advertisement.

There is power in personalization! Consider the effects personalization has on people and understand that the customer knows that it is all about them. So, work with that knowledge. Whether it’s employees wearing name tags or a personalized gift wrapped with custom ribbons, remembering clientele individually is the name of the game. It’s simple: use customers’ names! The power of personalization is undeniably about the customer helping a company to stay in business.

For more information on name tags, their many uses and other personalized products, visit https://www.collerindustries.com/.

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