Urges the Consideration of Insurance in the Face of Health Concerns

Share Article urged readers to consider life insurance, regardless of past medical issues or concerns following an August 27th Fox Business question and answer article, entitled “I’ve Had Lymphoma. Can I Get Life Insurance?” urged readers to consider the purchase of a life insurance policy, even following serious health concerns. This urging came on the heels of an August 27th Fox Business Q & A article, titled “I’ve Had Lymphoma. Can I Get Life Insurance?” The article’s question involved a man’s troubled medical history and the possibility of finding a company willing to insure someone with adverse health issues. supported the article’s conclusion: insurance should always be considered, whether it is simple funeral insurance, or Maine term life insurance.

In the aforementioned article, Jack Hungelmann answered a question sent in regarding life insurance and the possibility of purchase after a struggle with cancer. Though the man admitted to having gone into remission two years prior, he was unsure whether he should (or would be able to) purchase life insurance. Hungelmann began his response with an urging to maintain the man’s current whole life policy. Because new term and whole life policies require health screenings, the likelihood of the man being able to acquire an affordable life insurance plan or even any life insurance plan was quite low. Instead, Hungelmann suggested a number of alternatives, including mortgage and credit life insurance, and group term life.

Purchasing life insurance after suffering a health scare can be tricky. Many companies require 5-10 years of ideal health following a major health issue such as cancer before a new insurance policy may be purchased. Those that don’t typically charge astronomical fees. For those seeking insurance in the face of an illness or long-term health concern, from Maine term life insurance to group term insurance, there are numerous alternatives. One such alternative is funeral insurance. Funeral insurance is intended to provide adequate money for the burial and funeral costs after a person’s death. Mortgage life insurance may also be considered. Mortgage insurance is intended to provide a means of paying a mortgage in the event of a household’s income provider’s demise. Similarly, many credit card companies offer credit life insurance, providing money to pay off a card’s balance in the event of the insured’s death. Before despairing at the possibility of being unable to be insured through traditional means, look for local sources of life insurance included those mentioned above.

Jack Hungelmann is a Fox Business writer. His work focuses on the insurance world, including life and health insurance, as well as car and home insurance. He has been composing articles for Fox since August of 2012.

On the heels of a Q & A article on Fox Business, discussed insurance availability for those with health issues, urging consumers to consider all insurance avenues to ensure peace of mind in the event of a loved one’s death and loss of income. Though traditional life insurance such as Maine term life insurance may be preferable, few companies would be willing to insure an individual following a serious health scare or concern. Until life insurance becomes viable, seek out alternatives to prevent loved ones from suffering monetary hardship after the death of the household’s income generator.

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