Popular Hearing Test Provider in San Antonio, TX, San Antonio Hearing Centers, Now Offering No-Obligation Appointment To New Patients

Residents in the greater San Antonio Area suffering from hearing problems can now schedule a no-obligation appointment with the hearing professionals at San Antonio Hearing Centers to learn about available options.

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Hearing Test - San Antonio - San Antonio Hearing Centers

Hearing Test - San Antonio

San Antonio, TX (PRWEB) April 30, 2014

Hearing loss is often associated with aging because people over 60 have the highest percentage of hearing impairment. The loss of hearing is usually caused by a combination of things that can include the build up of earwax, exposure to loud noises, and the natural process of aging. Although many think that hearing loss is caused by a single event, mostly it's a gradual process that allows people to continue with their daily lives seemingly unaffected. Often a loved one notices hearing problems before the sufferer through their day-to-day interactions with them and experiencing things like increased volume on television or the need to repeat themselves regularly. Scheduling a hearing test for someone suffering from hearing loss often causes anxiety because they fear hearing aids, if necessary, will make them 'old'. Another reason for resisting hearing tests is the potential costs associated with the initial evaluation without even knowing if they are in need of a hearing professional's services.

The hearing professionals at San Antonio Hearing Centers, top providers of hearing tests and hearing aids in San Antonio, understand the resistance and now offer a no-obligation appointment. Because hearing health is often set aside for a variety of reasons, the staff at San Antonio Hearing Centers wants to eliminate as many barriers as possible to ensure residents of San Antonio have access to the hearing care they need. Providing the no-obligation appointment along with adding detailed information about the procedures of a hearing test to their website are just a few things they offer to make new potential patients more comfortable. During a full hearing evaluation, patients of San Antonio Hearing Centers can expect to review their personal information and ask any questions or express any concerns. Hearing exams provided by the hearing professionals can include use of an otoscope, which is an instrument used to see the ear canal and the ear drum. A pure tone hearing test may also be conducted and is typically conducted in a soundproof booth that tests the ability to hear tones through a set of earphones. If a speech test is given, the hearing professionals at San Antonio Hearing Centers want to determine the level at which one can actually understand speech. Once all the necessary hearing tests are performed at the full hearing evaluation appointment, the hearing professionals will review the test results and make suggestions on the best care for each unique individual based on their hearing needs and their lifestyle. The staff at San Antonio Hearing Centers want to reassure everyone new to hearing problems that not all hearing evaluations result in the recommendation of hearing aids. Quite often, an excessive build up of earwax is found and can be easily removed to restore hearing.

For more information about hearing tests at San Antonio Hearing Centers or to schedule a no-obligation appointment, visit their website or call their office directly.

About Debby Taylor:
Debby Taylor is nationally Board Certified in Hearing Instrument Sciences (BC-HIS) and has advanced training on all major hearing aid circuits. She is licensed in the State of Texas, is a member of the Texas Hearing Aid Association and a member of the International Hearing Society. Taylor enjoys hosting community seminars and lectures for consumers and providing complimentary hearing and balance screenings in assisted-living homes and at health fairs.

About San Antonio Hearing Centers:
San Antonio Hearing Centers was established to provide patients the best possible hearing care based upon their individual needs. The company provides a full array of services related to prevention, evaluation, and rehabilitation of hearing impairment. With respect and compassion, San Antonio Hearing Centers will actively listen to how hearing loss has affected the quality of each new patient’s life. The company is committed to removing the barriers between the client and the professional to collaboratively work toward better hearing and understanding. San Antonio Hearing Centers has 5 locations and 6 Hearing Instrument Specialists to serve you. Four locations throughout San Antonio and one in New Braunfels.

Debby Taylor

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