Cake Pop Expert Reveals the Truth About Two Trendy Treats

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Heavenly Cake Pops explains why a bake pop is not a cake pop – Do you know the difference?

Heavenly Cake Pops

Cake Pop Vs. Bake Pop

Although both have their place in the market, one should not go by the other’s name. Bake pops look similar to its predecessor which is why they are passed off so easily.

Heavenly Cake Pops’ Jennifer Cucci is on a mission to let the world know the difference between cake pops and bake pops. Since these trendy treats exploded on the market, many have been passing off bake pops as cake pops, and very few people are aware of the change. This has caused an uproar in the baking community which can be seen in the heated discussions on forums, Facebook and blogs. Aside from the shared cake foundation and similar look, there is quite a difference between the two.

The originator of cake pops, food blogger Bakerella, defines them as "tiny confections on a stick, made of crumbled cake, mixed with frosting and dipped in candy coating." This process, used by cake pop “traditionalists,” produces a consistency that is first crunchy as you crack through the chocolate coating, but quickly turns buttery as you enter the firm, moist cake interior.

Though delicious, cake pops tend to be time consuming. After a cake is baked, crumbled and mixed with frosting, each one must be hand rolled then dipped in a candy coating. To save time, machines and baking pans were invented to eliminate the steps of mixing cake crumbs with frosting and rolling each ball by hand. These machines bake cake batter into spheres that are then dipped into chocolate.

“Although both have their place in the market, one should not go by the other’s name. Bake pops look similar to its predecessor which is why they are passed off so easily,” says Cucci, a cake pop baker and inventor of the Easy Roller. “But any palate that has tasted an original cake pop can immediately detect the difference. Without the frosting mixed in, bake pops are much more airy and dry. Cake pops have a moist and gooey center that, in my opinion and many others, is superior.”

Cake pops became popular in 2011 and have taken the world by storm. They’re a common treat, found at bakeries, coffee shops and parties. People value them for their cute look at two-bite size. Cake pops have even elbowed traditional wedding cakes from the ceremony for their modern, highly designable qualities.

To learn more about this little known difference in a highly recognized treat, or schedule an interview with Cucci, please contact Dana Callender at dana(at)stellarimpeller(dot)com. To learn how Cucci’s Easy Roller allows you to roll up to 500 cake pops in an hour visit, like on Facebook or follow on Twitter.

About Heavenly Cake Pops
The Easy Roller was born out of a necessity to increase productivity and decrease hand pain caused by rolling every cake pop by hand. In 2010, cake pops exploded on the market and Jennifer Cucci found herself with more orders than she could handle. She searched for a machine that would relieve her hand pain and increase productivity but couldn’t find anything that did the job. Over several months and through trial and error with different materials and processes, the Easy Roller was created. It reduces your labor, increases your productivity, creates product consistency, but more importantly, it eliminates the fear of growing your business by making the rolling easy, hence the name “Easy Roller!”

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