Inadequate Marriage Education Contributes to Divorce in the U.S. - Says Renowned Marriage Consultant Hellen Chen

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According to marriage consultant and #1 bestselling author Hellen Chen, insufficient marriage education among married couples may be one of the contributing factors to divorce in the U.S. In the next month, Hellen will travel to Los Angeles and after that go to Dubai to deliver a love workshop aimed at teaching singles and married individuals how to enjoy deeper and more lasting relationships.

Hellen Chen Speaks at a Love Seminar

Instead of saying, “Who cares?” why not say, “What can I learn from the problem and how can I improve myself?

According to the statistics from the CDC, the marriage rate is 68 per 1000 individuals, whereas the divorce rate is 36. It is commonly said that in the US, 50% of all marriages end up with divorce.

Are Americans not taking their marriage vows seriously -- saying "I do" and then saying "I don't"?

Bestselling author and renowned marriage consultant Hellen Chen believes that most couples do take their marriage vows seriously but inadequate marriage education is to blame for many of them ending up in painful divorces. This hurts not only the two individuals, but the family unit.

“The family is the basic building block of society, and the first step in creating a family is through marriage,” said Chen.

As such, when separation or divorce occurs, it is this family unit that is most disrupted, and it destabilizes society.

“The impact of failed relationships is much more serious than most people want to admit. Failed marriages affect the individuals themselves, the younger generation and ultimately our culture.” Chen said.

The marriage consultant is also responsible for bringing together in marriage many singles, who were previously skeptical about getting married. With the help of the persistent relationship master, many have married and stayed married. Chen has shared some of these real-life stories in her book “The Matchmaker of the Century”, which became a #1 bestseller on Barnes & Noble's website following its release.

Chen has also written more than 20 books on different topics including marriage, family and individual responsibilities.

“In my travels to many countries and meeting people from all cultures, I see having a lasting relationship is at the top of the wish list of most people. Yet there are very little education aimed at helping men and women to understand how to have lasting relationships,” she said.

According to Chen, the most a young person can hope for in terms of "marriage education" is some advice from well-meaning members of the family, from colleagues, from the internet, or drawing from one’s own experiences.

“It is easy to walk away from our problems rather than face them. If you don’t like your job, quit. If you don’t like your parents, ignore them. If you don’t like your spouse, divorce. I want to challenge people to adopt a different approach to relationships. Instead of saying, “Who cares?” why not say, “What can I learn from the problem and how can I improve myself?”” said Chen.

In her efforts to increase marriage education and help singles and married individuals to experience a deeper love relationship, Chen began a series of workshops in Los Angeles, Taiwan, Singapore and Dubai. The next Love Seminar will be held in Los Angeles on December 27 at the Hilton Hotel.

Chen's work has been featured in over 200 media publications in 20 countries.

For more info on Hellen's work and Love Seminars, please visit

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